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That's... a very open question. What sort of hint did you need?

Deleted 14 hours ago

Sorry i got it but all that aside i really like orlando amd roswell

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Wow this rework you did on the first 5 days really gave them an uplift to the personalities and details, nice job!

Btw, could I get a clue for the first day password? Couldn't find them sadly   •◡•

Password for the first day? My, who says there is one? :3c

You won't find it in the dialogue. It's more an easter egg if you stumble across it, but you're not missing out on anything if you don't.

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...Huh alright, guess I'll lay this one to rest then ;)

I encontured a bug in the new update when we were talking about big brother crap like i couldn't select dean after ty and roswell no matter what i did

Depending on when your save was made, it's not flagging a variable that it should be to enable that choice. Starting a new game will fix it as much of a pain as it is, but why it works this way now was to address a much bigger bug, so there was no real way around it.

I strated the game over then went onto roswells route(i really like him) the same thing happened when asking them how they would confess there love but that time i couldn't pick roswell.

That's... odd. I pulled up a fresh download and tested it and it's working fine for me. What sequence of choices did you make? I might've missed a flag somewhere but otherwise I'm seeing nothing immediately wrong in the code.

What character's update is a0.17?

This update was a rework of the first 5 days (Partial for days 4 and 5).


how to save Benson ...TwT

please tell me how


You should pay attention to the Key Word.You saved someone in day5 but the password is not on the txt that before U input the password.So I think you should try the rest past of game and always keep eyes bright.I shouldn't say too much,and I think if U will find password by yourself and will be excited too.This game is so amazing.XD

I've gone over it 50 times and still cant figure it out

Sorry,it's ‘part’ not ‘past’。UwU

Deleted 23 hours ago

I just finished playing every route last night. Now I'm in love hehe. The way how all the characters interact with Dave, the art is really cute and adorbs, everything about this vn is amazing so far. Hoping for more future update, nyaw~ ^w^

Anyone have any clues or hints on what questions oswin will reply to? Having trouble finding the right ones

Found out about this VN recently and it's looking very promising so far! Best of luck to the team!

For those struggling still in saving Benson, what sort of clues would assist in you knowing what to look for?

For those that have already saved Benson, without spoiling anything, what would you suggest as a hint that would've made it easier for you without being obvious?

I tried 12 hours to go though the Benson Bed Ending.But it's so excited for me when I figured it out by myself.I think if someone struggling in saving Benson.I suggest you should play other's line one by one and there must have some important word for u and maybe it's the ture password.And soetime you should know,there are one password for one predicted picture.So you should think if I am Dave,Can I save Benson when I see this picture?

I know this is nearly 2 weeks old, but I only played through Benson's bad end 3 times before the word clicked for me. I thought you did a fantastic job of making it clear what the key word was while making the players work for it at the same time. 

The people who miss it repeatedly have probably failed to pay close enough attention to the dialogue. That was my issue at first, until finally I was like "Okay, what is everyone saying" and paid super close attention. 

It was a 'Eureka' moment for sure. Makes me feel like a detective which is awesome.

This game is sooo well made!!! I love the characters, the story, and the arts pretty too!

Although I cant figure out how to save benson,,, im p sure thats just me being dumb tho, I've basically given up lol

well if i simply told u i would ruin the fun to people so lets say that way:is related to his personality in the opposite way

if u still down get it here my discord so only you will get the answer @WolfKuugo#8158 

also awesome game again grizz,looking forward for more of tyson

how do i save benson? i found no clue about what could be the password. Besides, i'm not that good at English so i'm a little bit lost.

add me on Instagram @TRXSH.Jin i could give you some tips :) 

I actually cried when I got my first bad ending lol


Even though I don't have a computer to play the game... yet. I just have to say this game is pretty dang good. I also love all the bloody characters! I like all the references in it. Including that one about having the power of god and anime on Hoss's side lol. Once I get my computer I will be getting this game instantly.

Also danm Dean in the start of the game you were in the friendzone danm I know how you feel xD.

The funny thing is I'm playing this on my phone since the beginning. Go on their Patreon site and you should be able to get not the latest version, because of patronage of course.

Good for you I found your comment randomly...

Sometimes you have to search a little longer to succeed.

The game is so good, easily the best VN game I've ever played. But one thing I think it can improve upon is that I think Dave needs to interact with other characters more rather than just  stick to the one you chose to team up with
But the game is so good!!! :D
And also I found 2 grammar error in Roswell's route
"I laughed, nervous" which I think should be nervously
And a misspelling of Roswell as "Rowell"
Looking forward to keep playing on the next update
Keep up the good work :D

Well, clearly you haven't played alot VN's then. But I love this game aswell, though only because of Tyson. 🐺 (admittedly)

(spoiler) (last theory here than moving to discord to rant) wait, wait, wait, in the benson bad end it says Orlando and Sal went to visit Sal's sister but we later learn she's dead isn't that like super sus and we don't ever hear from them again did they pull a Roswell and go to the masion or something else? but then it made me realise dean knew too why didn't he think it suspicious? and now that I've revisited that conversation is so foreshadowy just like Deans really


That can mean they went to visit her grave or the place she died. we know this is something he doesn't want to talk about with just anyone. He spoke about his sister as if she was alive before he told MC as well. I don't think that's Sus I think that's just part of his grieving process.

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yup already had it explained thanks though it is nice of you

Damn it just let me tell Orlando I wold rather him then Dean!!! I saved on the last Choice for Orlando I can't tell what Orlando needs right now, I feel like the more I try to get Close to him the more he pushes me to be with Dean (I'm really starting to hate Dean) but the second Choice doesn’t feel like it did any good. I just want Orlando to know I like him as more than a friend T.T why do you hate me Grizz!!

1) <3
2) Maybe there's a reason he's pushing you towards Dean
3) Maybe you'll get to tell Orlando soon. :3c

Dean's the one that kills you? ;P 

Just a theory I had not long after I posted about that bad ending XD. No real evidence to back it up yet maybe In the next update. I look forward to seeing if I'm Correct. 

I'm REALLY invested XD

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Probably, Tysons bad ending dean acts odd and they say it looks like he was attacked by a bear and deans bad end is the only one that isn't caused by another. He just accidently forgot to wash his hands, all other bad ends are murder but not his.

Just some observations

I said this in a different comment I think but when dean dies he was trying to kill the MC. I think he was trying to do a murder suicide like thing. Remeber he tried to hand feed you with is poisoned hand. The reason the others die except for benson is because the MC was getting closer to them. I don't think he's the main villain in the story there's definitely something else going on. I think the MC will have to stop everyone from killing each other but they don't always know what there doing. The only reason I think this is because of the axe Sal finds in his room. 

Sounds like some people haven't been paying attention in some of the other routes. :V

Come the next update you'll probably have a better idea on the presumed nature of how Dave 'dies'.

Noooooo!!!! Spoiler..... Argh i wanna play his route for the last part..... You cruel!!!

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*Spoiler (major)* this is just a theory but Orlando put sacrifice and saw you hanging from a meat hook and Dean said he feels that you will need to hurt yourself one day to do the right thing perhaps the MC came to the conclusion or was forced into a position where that someone had to die or they all would, thus the sacrifice being the MC for his friends lives that still wouldn't explain the meat hook since there are other ways to KYS so perhaps the white ghost has some thing to do with it? Or Dean means emotionally hurt not physically like letting the love interest go or die? dont know whats some other thoughts?


I hope your wrong or at less I hope we can somehow avoid it. I already had one disappointing ending to a VN I really liked with in the last few months where you have no way to save the person you date. I'm still upset about it and I really hope they go back and give us a good ending at some point I don't even want to read any of their other VN because of this I just don't trust them anymore XD. My theory is that the meat hooks are in the Cabin I bet it’s a hunting cabin and the meat hooks are used to hang the animal as you clean and cut them up. 


I'll tell you this much. This VN does have a good end planned where everyone survives including a romantic end for your husbando if you've opted for romance instead of just friendship.

Cause otherwise... yeah, spending a whole game without a clear 'good' ending when you're strung along to believe there should be is rough.

thank you much love X3 

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well yeah I expected that since the point of this game is kinda experience the bad to learn more and get to the good I was just thinking that you are going to sacrifice something and through that sacrifice you learn the truth and the way to save everyone perhaps a password or something else. on a side note Deans starting to worry me a bit he has a lot of foreshadowing in his route and I kind of had an epiphany with his death it said he died because of poison or similar and it wasnt deathcap since it takes ~6 days to die (Mycology book) so what if he found something that hut that was mentioned or a lab, where there are poisons stored he touched something there and forgot to wash his hands but the question if this is true why didn't he tell anyone perhaps he didn't think it mattered? or another case is it didn't seem to have anything dangerous with a brief look, sorry for ranting writing helps sort my thoughts

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god I just realised how big this comment was and youre talking about Echo aren't you

No worries XD I actually have some suspicion for Dean myself. I think he may actually be the one killing people. Don't forget he did try to feed you with that unclean poison hand. Grizz did tell me there is a reason you are being pushed towards Dean. In Orlando's case I think Dean is trying to get Orlando to set you up with him. I think Dean is targetting the others because you are getting closer to them. Ty was killed by what looks like a wild bear Sal was receiving medicine from Dean. Dean is linked to at less one of these deaths and the other is a strange coincidence. I'm starting to think Dean maybe trying to Romeo and Juliet you. The night Dean died he may have intended for you both to die. I'm not saying Dean is behind it all. Its possible he thinks the only way to save the others is to kill you but he doesn't want to live without you so he intended for you both to die. I think as the story progresses we will need to stop all of them from killing each other. Maybe even your self at some point. 

Was it echo? xD


yep it was Flynn's route I'm not playing the other Routes I don't trust them. XD

Yeah Echo is about the horror not the romance. That being said the horror is amazingly well done you should play all the routes each one exspands the lore around the town and it's secrets.

I'm not intrested in the other characters though also after the way it ended I don't want to put my self through that again.

Okay so I was just wondering if there is a difference content wise between the patreon version and the public version?

patreon is one update ahead but that's all really, other than patreons also getting some input on the project with their feed back

okay np,thankyou


Content-wise, Cerberus is right. Whatever the patrons get, public gets a month later.

But I take feedback from the people only on the public builds too and tweak things constantly, so don't feel like your input is invalid just because you're an update behind.

okay,thank you 

This game is great!

But I am a Chinese, I can only speak a little basic English, and I translate by translator all the time (including now).     qwq

Also, I seem to have found a bug

The third day and dean explore the mansion, and roswell dialogue name error

Machine translation...can read?  awa

Heheh. Anyone else try: (SPOILERS) The words from that list Hoss had? Most of them say Invalid... so do you think other characters are hiding things? Or do you think they were used in the past? Do you think they're for the future?

managed to get all but two to work, so they are useful. two of them are useful for filling out the tidings of doom with benny

Hey everybody! Where can i find the android version of this? I heard about a fan group that created the android version.

Not so much a fan group as one of the Patrons makes a port of it whenever a new build comes out. Because I don't personally handle the builds and check them I don't upload them here.

They're not always entirely bug free, but they are typically thrown up on the public update posts on Patreon.

OMG,I like Tyson.But for real,I was totally scared by the self-voicing TWICE!!!(played in night close light press "space" to "v").I like this game.XD

Could someone tell me a link to the playthrough? Or even tell me the passwords, can't seem to find the passwords, thanks

Just pay attention to those words marked as red, you will find out what to type in the vault

that strategy won't work on Bensons death, or the bonus scenes on day 7 though

Deleted 45 days ago

after tyson dies the ending will give you a clue about what to type into the vault


Will there be any romantic scenes with Sal? He doesn't seem interested in Dave, will it happen later on?

There will be, yes.

Not everyone in your friendship circle by default is going to want to date you, or see you as a viable romantic interest, so Sal is a bit more slow burn in that regard. It'll happen, but maybe let him warm up to the idea first.

Oh alright, that is true, I'm obsessed with him lmao

Lol I like him to and asked the same thing a wile back. I'm also a bit worried how Orlando will take it when it happens. A small part of me wishes you can enter a polygamous relationship with them both but I know that will probably never happen.

Given what happened between Sal and Orlando, I would've thought that option was off the table already. :P

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Lol I know but a guy can dream XD still hope Orlando takes it ok though :) Orlando is my favorite so far I'd hate to upset him even if it's in a different time line XD


Seems like someone played Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth


Oh no! I've been found out!

...But really, it's a doable run. Just difficult until you can get Guts and Auto Item. Loki is a pain given it changes your item to a sword in the final phase so you lose your bow and associated skills, but it's possible!

Hey, there is there going to be a mobile version?

i think there is a Android one but only for patreon thats what someone else told me anyways

Sort of. I don't build the mobile one but one of the fans does. As it's not something I have personally made, I don't feel it's appropriate for me to upload it here.

As far as officially supporting a mobile version, a lot of it will hinge on if the new UI can support it.

someone has a walkthrough for the not so brilliant?

whose your favorite?

ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒ ᶅ                        ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 


mine its Ty

Tyson too, and then is Hoss.

But, "i'm not gonna get mushy and gay on you Dave"


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Orlando, Sal, Ty I don't trust Hoss for some reason and the way everyone pushes you towards Dean kind of annoys me.  

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awww I like dave


I like him at less I like him more then Hoss but I just don't like that the others ship you with him without really asking if you like him or not. If the others didn't do that I think I would like him more.

Do you mean Dean? Dave is who you play as.

oooops yeah

This game is just, wow.  I wasn't expecting it being this great, although you have different cute characters to choose. We all know that the real deal is with Ty or Dean٩(♡ε♡ )۶

i began freaking out cause i wasn't able to save Benson, then i started writing random words and i got the right one (▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿▀̿ ̿)



s     a     m     e

Fantstic game, and I loved the demo. I wasn't expecting all of what happened, and I can't wait to find out more. I feel like I've gone through the whole demo. I've found ten tidings of doom, which I think is all of them, and near all cgs. The only one I seem to be missing is Orlando's second one. Any help on how to find it would be appreciated. But seriously, the story is amazing, and I'm excited for more.

I got orlando second one saving him with his password, then not spying him that day. After you two talk on the vault, hoss appeared and orlando asks if u want to do something (not gonna spoil xD). I dont know what of the others choice matter to get it, i clicked on cherry pie, air element, cooked with him instead of sal...

I have a bug report relating to the a0.15 release.  In the section of code where Oswin responds to your questions, there are several dialogue trees that never trigger because the KeywordCheck function is passed an array rather than a nested array.  For instance, asking about Benson being creepy gives generic Benson dialogue instead of the dialogue specific to calling Benson creepy.  A search in that section of code for ([" should help you to find instances of this bug.

Good find! I'll patch it in for the next build and make sure there aren't any others I've missed.


Oswin interaction is a neat idea but I hope nothing you ask can acutely trigger anything I spent almost 2 hours trying to ask different things but only managed to get few things to actually work. I asked about the shovel under sals bed but never got anything that seems like something he would be able to look in to at less. I also wonder why hes only interested in me when  there are others that have seen visions or so they say. Maybe that's a clue.

It can trigger a few things, but those triggers aren't miss-able. More that you can get them early for tweaked dialogue. Otherwise it's just a better way to get some questions answered without it being just a straight infodump or slog of exposition in case people aren't interested or have been paying attention.

Ok thanks for the info I did learn a few things but I never saved after just incase once the next update comes out I'll ask a few more and see if I can get anything new on top of what I alredy asked to see if I can get some of this stuff early. I was hoping to ask if he knows Orlando also had a vision. I like Orlando but I have to question why he seems to be the only other person with similar a experience... or perhaps he is just telling us this to gain our trust.

is there a good ending ?

If you, by chance, are asking if there's any completed routes, I'm afraid not.

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All bad endings currently in the game can be avoided. If your asking because you can't save a certen someone I will say there is one password so far that's not out right given to you like the others you will need to really think about what what's being said to you after the event. Do what I did and take notes of things others say. They may come in handy.


"was that a jojo reference?"

yes and it was epic


Can someone help me to get clues from Oswin when we can ask him questions please ?


Think of all the stuff that seemed out of place for a normal house hold or that got you curious.

Deleted 78 days ago

There's another password in the ending you get after putting in the password you found.

Deleted 63 days ago

When do I put it in?

o nvm I found it °³°

So i got to the ending of the demo with only 3 Passwords, now i am wondering. have i missed some important ones or are the other six(?) Passwords just from different Routes ?

each route has their own password with only one being the same in each route

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the second two passwords are the same

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