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hmm. Sp Benson or reveal Oz alway lead me to path A and C... how can i get path B and D?

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The next few updates are going to be character updates. Grizz did a poll on patreon last month and since its done and dusted thought i'd post the results here so people would know what order the builds would be. (Grizz if you dont want this here feel free to deleate it, didn't mean any harm.)

It's fine. After next update I was going to host the poll again after I take Tyson and Dean out so votes can be redistributed.

So.... I just finished playing through the different paths (specifically within Tyson's route) and, while I'm curious to see what happens with the rest of routes A and B, I have to say...  The endings to C and D made me sick to my stomach. The same for Route "E"... I just really hope A and B don't take a turn for the worse (I mean in comparison to how C and D ended).

Can I ask a kind of awkward question about the Tyson character route?  It's if that route has or is planning to have at some point a sex scene?  I just want to know what I'm getting into


It does not have a sex scene, no. As far as planning for one, I treat sex scenes with the view of if they're needed to progress a character pairing's relationship/dynamic. So at this point, probably not for Tyson.


Oh, man...

Well, I hope at least a kiss or naked cuddlings are due for Tyson's route.


I can say yes to one if not both of those things depending how they develop.

I wish you could heart comments because this is one of my favorite aspects of the game


i'm missing 2 songs in the music room: the third and the last/twentieth, how do i get them?

I cant figure out what Bensons first password is, I looked over the dialogue and the suggestions in the comments a dozen times and still cant figure it out.

If you're having issues there's somthing in hoss and orlando's route that can help. Benson is the only one im iffy on the details of since the first time i did it i just tried what i found of hoss and orlando's route and quickly worked it out from there without going through all of benson.

Imma still play a a route just so I can see everything anyways….thanks!😁

how to find ever password when the bad end show need help please

Uhm….for which one? If you get a bad ending just replay the route and use a keywords in the bad ending in the vault

hoss rout

Its a word in the letter from oz dave gets.

ok thank you

hoss route is so hard on day six he keep dieing  i am confusion

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There's a password in the bad end, you need to find it and use it at the vault before the events where he will die.

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waits patiently


I, too  

Next public build

I realized that there are four ways in the game, but what does the path mean b ?I have replayed the game many times but I had Path A C & D but I didn't have Path B? how to get to it? 

Don't support Benson on day 8 but use the password on day 10.

Thank you 

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Deleted 20 days ago

It's a misplaced flag because you resonated. It's been fixed in the latest version coming out in a week from now.

Is there a walkthrough for this game?

Not as of yet.

Also guys, since i wanted to go Tyson route to the whole end, im curious, how to achieve Dave's deaths?

Also, how achieve scene with Tyson in car?

For some reason, i didnt got it

Tyson in the car is a bad ending but i can't remember which, and dave can't die yet i believe.

well shit, i just spotted his three deaths in log, when opened it, so this is why im curious about his death's

I recommend playing around with path C and D.

firstly i want to, end Tyson route, when story will be finished, i just cant start another try, without finishing decided route

You will be waiting for a bit then, given it's only day 17.

Also, if I'm interpreting correctly, don't go through the game files. They're archived for a reason.

Can someone PLEASEEEE help me at day 7 when Benson dies and u save Orlando because I can't find the password;(((

There's 3 passwords for benson you find them in the bad endings. After finding one password use it in the vault to reach the next bad end and find the next password.

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So uh, i spent the last hour playing day 17 over and over trying to figure out the password. Can someone tell me a hint? 

Its not straight up said but pay attention to what orlando says/ alludes to

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Damn it, Grizz I really want more!

I was completely romancing Tyson, and i want to see how their relations ship with Dave will end!

I liked whole idea, it's like Danganronpa but without class trials, where all trying to dispose culprit

i figured password for 17 day, almost instantly, and i was dissappointed when everything ended with "to be continued" :c

Gived 5 stars

I found four codes

I saw four dead, one from tyson, another from rowsell and another from hoss, and one with someone with a gun, and of course, orlando's death.

I saw three deaths, one of tyson, another of rowsell and another of hoss, and one with someone with a gun

Ugh. I can't for the life of me figure out Day 17s password. Can anyone give me a hint?

Never mind. Finally got it.

Spoiler for Orlando/Orlando's route

I knew that Orlando was the Gay wingman, but damn after playing his route, I wish he wasn't.....Also Orlando took the spot for favourite character route

Wait a minute...I...okay wtf SPOILERS

So like I loaded an old save that was on one of the bad routes...but it just has the question marks right? And I played through the new content, but at the end, it said "PATH E: END"  I don't remember any mention of a Path E before, but lo and behold, it showed their something I'm missing? To my knowledge, the paths are determined by the choices to either reveal Oz or not, or to let *ahem* do the do (Days 8 & 10), but there's also a password on Day 11...does that have anything to do with the path you get? Prolly not, but just asking. I don't really know how to properly form my questions, so I'll just say that 1) the save file I loaded up was from Dean...the box was brown...2) the path dictator only had question marks, and by that point I was already at Day 13....and 3) I made the choice to reveal Oz and not use the Day 10 that would put me on Path D....sorry if that was a little long-winded for the question of "where did Path: E come from" but hey...also, I haven't restarted any playthrough for the other Paths yet, but I justwanted to point this out in case something is off or I'm missing something...thanks!!🐊🐊



Path E should flag assuming you've revealed Oswin and failed the password on Day 10 and then... made another choice. Essentially kill off as many people as you can as fast as you can. 

If you're saying you flagged this early, then... That's a problem. Funnily, there are even 3 ways to get to where you ended up, so have fun finding them all!

Oh okay😵‍💫   That’s essentially what I did…..I revealed Oz, left out Day 10’s password……wait…..I think I know what you’re talking about….oohhhh……I don’t wanna say it cause spoilers but if that’s the choice you’re talking about then damn….I should really explore the bad path more🥲

C and D on day 14? how to get these paths?


low bow thanks 

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day 14? i thought we was up to 17


Path A and B are up to day 17. This update was path C and D's day 14.

ohhh okok ty

Yay! New update! MORE HOSS AND TYSON!!! MORE DRAMA! >:3c

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I want end Tyson route, but i cant its not finished in both ways :c

With password and without, well, if you got it, atleast it will reveal upcoming stuff

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new update!~ day 14 path c,d.

I will try to wait for this update all night

Same even if i have to stare at my device all night refreshing every hour xD


Public builds always release first on the patreon before itch so heres a link for it -

thanks dude

Typically because I spend that morning either sleeping in (as I can automate it on Patreon) or hotfixing the latest Patreon build that the update comes a little later as it's just a mirror.

That said, it's live on itch now as well.

The Day 17 password was a little difficult to figure out, but as always I tried to look at what idea kept repeating itself.

Finally got it, and it is so satisfying to get it right after struggling.


so i've gone through every possible route and no matter what happens i alway end up see benson die is it a bug? i spent days trying to figure this out.

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Ok well just a tip Hoss says the code to keep Benson alive

do you end up getting sal as a romantic partner? just asking if you dont want to say i understand!


It is an option, yes.


What's the first password on day 1? I'm new

Don't worry, any password you'll need appear in-text and you'll have a better idea of what you need and when as things pick up.

At least hopefully.


Hi I just wanted to say this game is amazing! 

I've been through Dean and Roswell's line so far and I love how different the story pans out depending on your decisions. Really feels like a better version of old fashioned choose-your-own adventure books.

I noticed on Roswell's path near the end of the demo that Dave has a conversation with Orlando about Orlando visiting the vault, but there was no indication before that up to that point in that path. It confused me until I tried Hoss' path. Just wanted to point it out because I think it's awesome how detailed and fleshed out the story has been so far! Looking forward to more.

I know that i'm suppose to look for the 'password' closely. But i've been stucked with Benson's bad end (day 7) (Ty's route) and i've only found 5 words that are different from the rests but those didn't seem to worked. I have repeated over and over but came up nothings. If anyone had played though, please help me or tell me which word is should look closer (white or blue, highlighted or crooked or regular)


Benson has 3 passwords, after solving one you find the next in the new bad end you get. I think all 3 passwords are in their own bad endings.

But if you still need help there's somthing in orlando's and hoss's route that can help, it avoids 2 password so you only need to find one after it.

one of the potential passwords that word for day seven dont seem to do anything as it kills benson so i stuck there aswel

Ok so if you pay attention to Hoss when Benson dies the code is easy to find.

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It'd be nice if Path C and D weren't so far behind, i feel very disappointed cause i've been looking so hard for day 10 password for an hour now, but i'm not sure If it even exists. If it does, HELP, for i am dense and need a hint. If not, i await new updates that hopefully DO have path c & d (more specifically C) because this is a good game haha


day 10 does exist current build goes to day 17 A & B. It is said a few times unless you're on sals route then its said once. The best hint is what dave thinks about at the vault ''what is the worst case senario''.

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I mean... unless the password is some other variant of something i've already tried, i might not know the actual word that it wants me to input. It's so hard to explain what i've already tried without potential spoilers though. Y'know, for anyone who could scroll by this

update: GOD EFFING DAMMIT WHY IS IT ALWAYS THAT ONE WORD, thank you for the hint. 

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I'm very dense, but I played all the routes and have no clue what the password is for Day 10 (I think).....

I know the best hint is what's the worse thing that could happen, but I cant find the right word :\

Edit: nvm thanks benson


Why did you make dean so hot then have him die😔

Just save him lol


why did the rat become more hotter than usual 😂😂😂😂😂

I'm just weird don't mind me

Glad I’m not the only one who thought that🗿

This is very unlikely but I can't help but imagine someone just randomly guessing passwords and getting a right one by accident and how they'd react to what they see

I mean some of them are really easy to get…..the only one I initially struggled on was Benson’s because it wasn’t explicitly stated lmao

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Actually happend to me twice

I guessed Hoss's and Roswell's

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