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I like the gamee its amazing and so far i gathered 10 passwords and finished all routes and alt but i cant seem to find the 11th password ;-; am i missing out on something send halp pls XD 

I love Hoss the most btw :3

Nah, some of them are technically listed as optional despite changing the narrative. So long as everyone's alive, you're on the right track.

This game will be translated into Spanish? OwO

If it does, it'll likely be near the end of development given the script is still in development. There are no plans to translate into any specific language during development however.

So dave father name is dave?

His full name is available in game. If you need to ask, you haven't found it yet.

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How about a spoiler alert for those who want to find the passwords themselves? -.-

As of right now there are 11 narratively important passwords. Any others either are Easter eggs or aren't passwords.

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I've looked through all of the comments for hints to get the day 10 password, and I've certainly found some hints alright, and don't get me wrong I've tried to find the password using these hints. . But all of them just don't make any sense. Anybody got any, more obvious tips? Nothing too bold like revealing the password, but maybe another nudge in the right direction? (All of this is probably me just being an a clueless idiot lol.)


its in the convosation with benson, think about what dave thinks at the vault.

Thanks! I thought it was there but I probably overlooked something.

I love how I can just play through the game time and time again and never get to a point of sheer “well I’ll just wait for next update.” It seems like there’s always something new I miss and more elements that’s remind me of how great this game is. I love how every character (maybe except Roswell for reasons) has such interesting styles of their development, even when you aren’t playing their route. Also I love how unskippable the dialogue is. It’s just that good.😩P. S. - Sal is best boi😩

Does Roswell not have an interesting style of development?

His development per se isn’t an issue, but during most conversations with literally anyone other than Dave, I feel like he’s literally always trying to talk someone down. There are many scenes where he’s seen as disrespectful, literally provoking Tyson multiple times, despite his whole “I don’t like him” perspective, being super unreasonable, and, while it’s just his world-building, literally downplaying Sal’s intelligence. He doesn’t really seem to have positive moments unless you specifically play his route, and those feelings are ONLY for Dave and he just seems to kick everyone else to the curb. I can understand if he’s meant to have this attitude because of how early on him and Dave became friends, but his blindsided attachment to the past is a little overboard. Every other character is positive (or trying to be in Ty’s case) in most scenarios if they don’t involve the deaths. Even with Hoss, if it sounds negative, it really isn’t because he usually has a more analytical approach to things, whereas Roswell just spits venom to everyone. I remember him kind of admitting his jealousy, but he can be a real downer.


That... is a big problem that I didn't notice until now. There should've been something in the way of seeing his interactions with his closer friends (Hoss and Orlando) but I guess I've just internalized it with how often it gets brought up on the server. Thanks for this, I might have to rework a couple earlier scenes, or inject a couple nicer ones just to make him seem less of a douche because he really isn't. Tactless at times sure, but he does have friends that like him for good reasons.


Thanks for hearing me out...I really didn’t like singling him out, especially since the whole mansion hangout was his idea, so any change is welcome😁

okat wtf.....I am just getting death scene after death scene...and is the same day.....What am i suppose to do?

If you've played through to the end of where you're at, you should have an idea. Think things through about what you can learn from those deaths and what you might be able to use to stop it from happening.

But all choices just lead to the same death...

Without more information I can't assist further, but sometimes it's not a matter of decisions but interacting with game mechanics.

Okay I figure out...Should not skip so damn fast

And the password...I cant find any numbers,letter nor even symbols that can be slap into the keypad...

The first password is given for free, its in red, after that you will need to pay close attention to things that are said during the day and the bad endings. Don't worry too much about the choices they most affect orlando route at the start and are more for character development than affecting the bad endings, endings are all to do with password.

I've looked at the previous replies from the developer,  I'm still stuck on day 10s password, have been for weeks. I've thoroughly checked all the text in roswell, hoss, and tysons route and nothing stands out to me from the clues given in front of the vault, is there something I'm missing?

1. It's in every route.
2. You're overthinking it.
3. Dave remarks about an interaction he had on that day.
4. It's said in the 'bad' route if you didn't put it.

I must say, i love the fnaf reference in dean's route jsns

Ye same hahahaha xD

So I've been to the discord server recently and was wondering as who this Rami character is. Is he part of the cast? Love the new emote btw

"It's a surprise tool that'll help us later!" ;D

He'll show up later, maybe not for a while but yes he's part of the cast.

Hi everyone, can someone tell me how to get the first imagen with Tyson please? Ah and the second one for hoss too unu please


Tysons 1st is from another route, think it mite be orlandos bad end but not sure been along time since i unlocked it. Hoss's 2nd i believe is one of the CGs that is currently bugged along with one of deans and cant be unlocked at the moment.

Thank you uwu

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Played through all routes including the alt one and gathered 11 passwords so far. Story has good suspense and mystery that gets you invested in the characters whichever route you pick. Really looking forward to you finishing this project Grizz.

Eyy i finished the game and only got 10 passowords ;-; am i missing something ? ;-;

That password on Day 11... that was absolutely brilliant. It made me think thoroughly and yet the answer was so obvious! The hints were there but it took me about 30 minutes. This game is fantastic and I can't wait for the next build!

Um,so, I tried entering random phrases into the vault at day 1 (with Tyson) and when I typed in "The End" the game closes??

Like, all other phrases I came up  with doesn't do that and when I tried "The End" again (like 3 times, I think) it still closes?

Is this phrase significant? I'm so confused.

Help. :C

It's probably just an EG


there was somthing there but was removed

from grizz 2 months ago - Well, it doesn't crash so much as force quits like I'm telling it to. After all, if you know that password, what else did you expect? What was there was a relic from early day testing and in no way was canon.

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So, it wasn't important then. Thanks. C:

Edit: I went through the game file, so I guess I can still read it XD.

Any hints for the password on day 10?


Your clues are what Dave reflects on in front of the vault. That was the purpose of that scene.

Man I can't get this right. I feel like it's right in front of me. Just that I can't piece it together. :(


After reading the comments, I realized that the game really resembles the Zero Escape series and it is very cool, because I have loved the Zero Escape universe for a very long time. (But not as much as this one))

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I completely passed this game with all variations of endings. I must say that this game has become more than just a game for me. I experienced a storm of emotions. At first I was depressed for a week, then I was inspired to take up sports and did them until I was exhausted, then I just played at night and enjoyed spending time with that universe. Only one character made me feel all these emotions. Tyson. I fell in love with him and now I'm looking forward to continuing my relationship with him. Please, GRIZZ, go on, never stop. Your game has made me a better person, and that's not an empty word...although it might sound a little silly.....( love ya, Grizz ♥  and THANK YOU)

I need help on the password for Benson. I already found the one to save Orlando 

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This is probably a dumb question... But how do I update this?


Just download the latest version, once you've downloaded the apk, install it and it'll ask if you want to update the game then bam, you can continue playing!

ooh thanks that's a big help for me I'm kinda new with these things... Thanks again


This Novella is just super! You managed to combine both a detective and a horror movie. Everything is just perfectly intertwined and does not interfere with each other. I will look forward to continuing the story.

I'm thinking, why can you write your own name on the coffee cup at the beginning if no matter what you type you will always be named Dave?

you used to be able to rename dave but that was changed, the coffee thing is just a little easter egg now

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It seems like i can't figure out the password for Hoss day 10, any hints?

Edit :

Nvm i got it, i should be more aware next time


So.. I played this game a while back. Like a half a year or so ago. And recently i picked up another game called "Zero escape: Nonary game" Boy oh boy. I guess i just have a thing for games like that and this because i loved both of them. But now im wondering. Did you draw inspiration from the Zero Escape series? It shows quite a bit in this. Not a bad thing at all either. In fact i think that makes it quite compelling! 


I did! Although while I played those games and loved them, they took the source material and interpreted it in a very over the top and specific way. So the same themes might appear, but how they're handled is a bit differently. The main one is the concept of morphic resonance: Don't go expecting Dave to be an Esper and you should be fine!


Is there a password available in last day of Roswell route?? (Day 10/11)

yes, keep in mind what dave thinks about at the vault

Hey! I have a question, Is there some DLC of Password or another version coming in Spanish?

Nothing is planned at this point in time.

Ok Thx :3

Is there some kind of glitch that makes some of the CGs black and white? They looked incomplete, more like rough drafts/sketches. Is that a glitch or will the finished product come in the upcoming updates? The CGs that seem glitched are from Dean's route, Tyson's route, and one from Orlando's route. Hopefully this will be fixed.

There was a vote on Patreon about this. Essentially people wanted sketchy/more CGs and faster plot development rather than complete CGs when needed with possible delays given the time needed to render them out.

Eventually they'll all be done in full colour. If you view it in the game once, it unlocks in the gallery and when the assets get swapped out, you'll see them there.

what does 'when the assets get swapped out' mean?

when he removes the sketches and adds in the finished versions it will be in the same spot in the gallery so you wouldnt be forced to replay the same scene if you didnt want too

haha! this is the best!! took me 5 nights to know what is the password for benson.... damn i didn't realize it until rosswell and orlando kinda talking about it lol 😂 i could be a detective now.. haha kidding

Are there passwords for the few early days?.  Also are there multiple passwords that work for the same day?

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Edit: Nevermind I got it now

Ok that's it. Im sorry but I can't handle this anymore.

The password for Day 10 is pissing me off, I tried everything and even (Literally) repeated all routes and mainly concentrated on Day 10 while taking notes of important points but I still am stuck in it.

Can someone give me a hint or something, I love this game but it's kinda frustrating at Day 10 password.

Dave refers explicitly to a talk he had earlier that day when he's at the vault. Search there.

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Yea I just got it.

I knew the word was in that conversation but didn't expect it to be that one though it actually makes sense.

Thanks again for this game though, hoping to see more updates soon.


I love it, really great work and amazing characters and interactions. I would like to get more lore on the vault though.

Soon! Or at least, when we get to Day 11.


 Hey! So right off the bat I want to say that i absolutely loved the game even in it's incomplete state and I may have just created an account to leave a comment here but that's neither here nor there
 Anyway, so the whole gameplay element thing with the passwords was really a clever idea and i clearly enjoyed my time with playing the game and accumulated around 74 pages worth of save files (i guess more if you count the overwritten quicksave slots) and got 10 passwords so far.
 With that being said, I got a couple of questions so here they are, as of a0.19;
Is it possible to save Orlando on his route?
Apart from getting lucky, If one wasn't a patron, would it be possible to know the passwords for day 1 and 3?
As of writing this comment, I'm currently missing 6 CG Scenes: The 2nd ones for Dean & Sal and the 2nd & 3rd ones for Hoss & Orlando. Are they possible to get? (I think Sal's one is a placeholder according to one of the other comments but I'm not aware of the other ones.)

In order:
- Yes. You can complete the game with everyone still alive.
- No. But those passwords are really only there for testing and as a small easter egg, so you're not missing anything if you don't get them. On full release they'll likely be taken out.
- 2nd Dean CG is bugged. 2nd Sal CG isn't available in game yet. 2nd one for Hoss might be bugged. Third will be available in 10 days.  All of Orlando's are available assuming you can save him.

Good luck!

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Uh, I guess curiosity got the better of me and I kinda found out the other 2 passwords now, along with how to save Orlando and the fact that some of the dialogue changes when you put certain names on the coffee cup which i found pretty neat. I still appreciate the reply though!

Also, holy shit you were not kidding when you said none of the characters had plot armor.


ok sooooo, how would i come across Dave's bad ending i can't seem to locte it?. Also is there anything specific i should ask Oswin?because i tried everything i thought of off the top of my head but nothing made him click, any cluesfor either of my questions ??

Remember that this game is still a work in progress. There's no guarantee that it's in game yet.

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(copy pasted from my reply to another comment asking about oz, the grizz reply's about 40 days old now)

Grizz's response to ''was I meant to ask questions?'' from a previous comment:

-Grizz20 days ago(+1)

"Nope. That section is just for world building although there are some clues you can get from questioning him. Nothing vital is missed if you don't ask him anything though."-



-But if you really do want some hints for the questions think about things you know. Example: things in the surrounding area, methods of death, things inside the mansion 

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Does oz. respond to anything? I've tried a ton but he just tells me to ask about his interests? Is it obvious and I'm looking too into it?

He does, but he wants full sentences. There are a few key words that set him off entirely, but if you don't want to interact with him at all, you don't have to. You'll have have slightly altered dialogue later on if you find certain things.

Thanks! Glad to know he needs full sentences, I think I have an idea then of what hes looking for :)

do those sentences must be exact? Or there is a level of variance?

want some hints for the questions think about things you know. Example: things in the surrounding area, methods of death, things inside the mansion. Just word in it a sentance, can be short like 'is there a ____?'

**SPOILERS** (I think?)

So i need help! I have gotten all 6 regular deaths and passwords, and bensons password and death. So if you cant do much else after all of that, what do we do now? There is still one more tiding of doom and a bunch more character CG's for every character. So is there a way to get the rest of everybody's CG's and  is there a way for us to get the last Tiding of Doom?


One of Dean's and one of Hoss's are bugged in this build and the last one of Sal's isn't accessible yet. I think that's the same for Hoss's as that's for the next build. 
As for the Tidings of Doom, none of them are missable, at least they shouldn't be? What spot is it sitting in in the gallery?

benson has two bad ends so you could have missed one and that would miss a tiding of doom, but you can get them all

Sure, but both are shown during the first bad ending. Missing one would imply that you somehow got one of the passwords without playing through to the end of that first ending which... would be very strange given what clues are provided by narrative.

The only tiding of doom im missing is the absolute last one, after orlando gets shot in the mansion.

If you're missing that one, you likely haven't made it through to the end of the current content.

Any hints or advice on how to get that last one?

i didnt watch the bad ending to get the password on my first try, just used a word from hoss's list that got a 'not right day' promped so i only got 1 on my fist playthrough only getting the second when i noticed a space

Ah. That'd do it. I'd forgotten I'd seeded that there as a crutch for people struggling. All is well.

Hey ummm, quick question. Is it possoble for the main character 'Dave' to die at any point in the game as an ending or something ?? i just have to ask.

No one, I repeat no one, has plot armor in this game.

Take that as you will.

So with that logic, Oz is going to die as well... He do be daddy tho... :3



Oml this game is amazing! Got me hooked playing finding passwords!! :) 

So far i have been playing this game just not a long ago. (like an hour or so) 

And so far i could only get passwords that are RED.  Is there passwords that are not colored in red? Because i feel like there are. 

But so far im loving this game!!!!  My favorite character so far is Orlando. To me i feel like Orlando is the safest to go near to even though id known him for maybe trying to poison food for dean. Just maybe. But i dont believe it. Makes me even sadder not gonna lie :(

I hope you continue on this project! This game got my braincells up! Ill support you till the very end!!! :) 

Thanks for the support! 

And you're right, there are passwords not in red, so be careful moving forward!

Thank you! I promise to be careful to not miss any clues!


Passwords? There are more then one red?? can't be, there has to be a GOOD end for Benson right?, is there?, help me out here

Oh yes. There's a way to keep everyone alive.

Any hints on how to get to the Tyson driving CG/scene?

It's not on his route.

It's on Dean's route actually.


I might not be galaxy-brained, but come on guys. Just r e a d. If you want If you just want the answer...think. It’s not really difficult especially since you’ve seen the ending. Like the most helpful clue is literally the words. Not everything is gonna be as plain as it seems. Just asking for answers ruins the experience...especially if other players and even the creator have repeatedly made it very clear on how to go about it. J u s t  r e a d .


I'll admit even though it was subtle I regret looking at the comments before even getting to benson but when I made it to him I just read and then without even paying attention and just thinking I figured out the password for Day 11 it made me feel like a detective and a genius absolutley marvalous story.

Extremely cool concept. I am extremely here for the gay angst murder mystery, and that's without mentioning the meta aspect of it. Gotta say though, I'm disappointed in Ty for continuing his bullying behavior by ruthlessly blueballing me. (jk I'm liking his route)

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