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OMGGGG DAVE IS RECALLING!!!!!!!!!!!! Cliffhangers be damned, I must contain and wait.


*cries in cliff hanger*


i just finished path A with Dean.... ooo  boy goosebumps and feelings all over the place. That is one masterfully done cliffhanger

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So, after playing the new update, I have some... Thoughts. 


Where did the new sprites come from? (David's and Jack's). 

A pretty big surprise indeed. 

Does this mean we're going to get all the characters in this artstyle soon? While I don't dislike the artstyle, I still dunno how to feel about it. I do like it a bit, but I'm not too sure if it fits the game a lot. 

This also brings up a question I wanted to ask Grizz for a long time. 

Why are the side characters the ones with different eye colors and poses? Iirc, all Dave's friends' sprites have a "default pose" and black eyes. I may be thinking about it too much, but it was always weird how the side characters had more developed sprites than the main characters'.  

This new build gives me a lot of hope, though. The story is coming to an end, and I am definitely excited for it. I actually also am quite intrigued by how the rest of the cast will look like with this new style. 

Thanks a lot for bearing with me as usual!, 

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They've been getting reworked in the background. These are really old examples back from day 8 or before, the newer ones are on discord and i dont go there.

Orlando -

Hoss -

Sal and Tyson -

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Here's a slightly more recent post as well.

In that post you can see Dean and Roswell's new look and early sketches of the others. (Though each of them have progressed a lot since then, pretty sure Tyson is finished and the others as well by this point). All the guys will have eye color, various poses and expressions. The new title screens and recent cgs show off their final designs pretty well also.

And honestly, I think it'll just be an adjustment since we're used to the way the characters look after all this time. But I like the newer ones more at this point. Tyson for example isn't as wide as Dean or so fluffy now which fits how he's described in game better. Thin, unapproachable, and scruffy.



No updates

There is the update, Grizz just forgot to announce it. Check the download files.

It was updated here on itch just with no devlog

What's in this update?

- Day 23 (Path A/Path B)

This was an easy-ish one to write if only because ultimately the update itself isn't all that big. Almost all of it is set-up for next build which... Well, you'll get an idea once you're playing likely. Expect a few revelations and some reveals but the next update is going to have more.


Ah, I knew I forgot something. I had my hands full fixing the patron build.

Wait is it just me or August 15 is Tsumugi Shirogane's bday-

And Password updates are always on the 15th-

Grizz what are you trying to tell us 👁️/j

august 15th is also kagerou day whats your point


Just played the game. and I guess I'll leave the review(Only played Tyson route for now)
Warning : This contain spoiler and a lot of personal opinion.

At first for inserting name, I thought it for mc name so I just put the first character that mc interact with , just to mess around and PFFTTTT, I love that interaction, I happen to repeat to input any characters name that appear  until Liam and Betson which don't really give any special interaction, kinda sad but still NICE easter egg. I happen to pick Dean first because well, he's look better with mc compare to other and then Tyson come up , CHANGE SHIP WE GOING TYSON ROUTE , I mean the mc bring him and u gonna leave him alone? HELL NAH. I like how u make him stay in character and change him slowly, like how he's... *cough"* dumdum but caring a lot, does he's a tsundere type? H M M, anyway when It start pathing to path c(Because I don't know the pass yet), I think huh 2 characters dead but not Tyson, I save the game before the vault insert and after the 'incident', I happen to unlock the vault and go to path A, but I going back to path C, with in mind planning to get BAD ENDING but with Tyson Alive only #OnlyTyson , and oh man I regret it so much. Back to path A we go, when the questioning Oswin happen, I couldn't ask anything, I guess I'm too dumb, been writing a lot and man, it not working, hell I also ask "Theodore" but well I guess it doesn't matter. The whole backstory with mc,dad, and Tyson is heartwarming, I kinda want a full backstory mode with them only, just to feel more heartbreaking knowing the result what gonna happen *cry*. I also love how mc just anxious about the whole thing like in day 6 will happen again which is well, it totally not easy to forget, also love how it go back to the question Hoss/Tyson which is I think quite nice, and the whole pie thingy. It make ya feel the choice u made have impact even tho not much I believe.  I guess that all I gonna say related to Tyson route, now talking about other.
I seen a Liam sprites and why he have sprites when he contribute like almost nothing? also Oswin, Betson, and Orlando's dad sprites look different compare to other, I mean other are just looking at ya with half legs gone, and they appear to have full sprites which is not consistent(Also it make Betson look smaller compare to other, IDK if he really small compare to other characters). Also the whole CG, I seen the early days it have colors and the latest days is... colorless, Personally I don't mind about it, Hell I prefer the colorless CG, just preference. Curious what's actually happen because of the inconsistent.
Other thing I wanna mention. the ost remind me of minecraft not sure why. Overall I think very good game. Not expecting this much content.
Side talk, long time ago I wanted to play this game but change mind because I scared if I'm too dumb to realize what the password are from reading the comment, but it actually not that hard when we actually pay attention at the time the incident will happen. Also.... where auto button? and also where I could buy the keychain? I wanted to buy the Tyson one If I have enough money. That's all my overall review for now. Hope the creator could answer some of my questions. Wish u the best Creator.



The Visual novels going to have an update where all the sprites get updated, its been in the works for a while which is why the newer sprites look different. The CGs being sketches was a patreon voted thing, the full colour ones would take longer so it was voted to do sketches and then finished later on.

Key chains:-


Liam gets a sprite because he's a certain tier of patron. Like the other custom sprites that'll be added over time as well.

Auto button will also be added back in eventually. It was removed as it was voted for the most part unused and the screen real-estate was already tight.

Will we ever get Password unused content? Just for pure curiosity, one day I'd like to find out more about the game and some scrapped ideas. Of course, I am not saying like, now, but it's definitely something that interests me.


There will be a post-mortem report after the game is out of beta.

Deleted 12 days ago

This one is a variation on the one right after it:

Go Path B, fail day 10 password, then don't forgive Sal.

Quick question, Grizz. Does knowing Day 11's password have any effect on anything....


Other than knowing that Oswin had intended to inject you after Thanatos distracted you?


Only altered dialogue. Originally yes, but analysis on what enjoyers of Password actually want means an idea had to be scrapped.


Did the same apply to the Day 2 password? As of yet I haven't ever actually figured that one out, let alone what it does.

There's no Day 2 password.

Deleted 6 days ago

1. Don't share passwords.
2. There was no plan to retain that after full release as it was for testing. There is nothing prior to that as it wasn't intended for the public to have it in the first place.


I hope I am not too annoying LMAO


quite the choice to assign kokichi to yourself

Not my fault if I read this in their voices smh/j


Is Sal canonly ace 👀


Canonically, he's a crocodile.




I was wondering if anyone has made a compilation of all the information we have so far about the game?

I mentioned in a previous comment I was writing a fanfic for myself and I like to do things that make it as realistic as possible, and I wanted to make a compilation in text form of all the information we have to help myself before continuing;

(By compilation of information I mean general character profiles, description of characters deaths, profile of killers, timeline of events, things like that)

I should also say that I like organizing, so it actually feels good to organize everything, but also... It would too feel quite the waste of time to find out in the end that someone already made it or is making? So... Does anyone know?

If the answer is no one made or is making I might do it myself, though I have no idea how long that would take 

(If someone did make one already please tell me where I can read it )/


If they had, it'd be news to me. I was considering for a while to create a wikia but the problem you run into is how people edit it and how spoiler free you can keep it. (Or really who draws the line where for spoilers)

The best you'd get is asking in the spoiler channels on the discord server given a few people have done their breakdowns but given I haven't 100% confirmed or denied anything as far as documents submitted by fans, it's still mostly guesswork.


I guess I'll do it myself then, I also checked the discord server and there were some useful information there (Along with some questionable comments-..)

I'll take care in separating the facts from my own speculations, the main reason I'll doing this is to compile information and not theorize after all; thank you for answering!


No probs! Poke me on the server if you're unsure of something and I'll point you in the right direction if it's in-game, or tell you if someone's made a wrong assumption somewhere.


I'd love having something like that, since I don't think anything like that exists. Kinda sounds similar to something I put together for Tennis Ace.


I'm currently writing it, and even though I don't plan on writing everything word by word, there's still a lot of information to gather; so it might take a while. As I said before I'm not sure how much time it might take

Also just to vent a bit, but I never realized how suspicious some of the lines are until I started transcribing them-.. I wonder what exactly I'm going to find out as I progress? Only time will tell


I've had my theory on the murderer behind this whole thing for a while, and the most recent update that was done has me more heavily leaning toward one character of the three that I thought the murderer could be. There's so much going on that I've found myself replaying routes multiple times to see if I spot anything that would give me cause to believe I was either right or wrong, but yeah, I'd definitely be interested in seeing what info you end up putting together.


oh haha funi game about ppl in house, oh murder mystry too? coolio

15 hours of gameplay later"WHAT THE FUCK IS HApening ples omg whyguhbgsli.bkhu d;kgjl'bm/lrkhn'


Could someone help me get into path F?

I read a comment saying that you need go through path A, and then not use the password on day 17, and that Tyson's route doesn't work.

I tried this on Roswells' and Orlando's route, but it didn't work-... I believe this one and G are the only paths I haven't gone through yet and from pieces I read in comments it seems to be so different; so it feels like I'm missing something really important

Do I have to, like... Get absolutely no affection with Tyson during the route? Help?


A branches to F if you fail the password on Day 17, B branches to G if the same.
Given Tyson auto-clears the Day 17 password for plot reasons, any other character should do.

Given there are no other checks, I'd be curious to know what issue you're hitting given by that stage the game kind of falls apart logically with who should be dead otherwise.

On my first playthrough I got the password right on first few attempts, but I got curious to what would happen if I got it wrong so I went back; but nothing actually happened so at the time I just assumed that Thanatos was lying or something?

I did see the scene of Tyson killing Orly by failing the password though, but it only worked for me on the paths where I reveal Oswin.

I wondering if it's a bug and perhaps I should reinstall the game..


It sounds like a bug. Failing the password auto-boots you to F and G unless you're on Tyson's route. You CAN put the password in on Tyson's route and see the password scene as well, which changes some dialogue but it's already auto-solved.

You can't do Tysons route at all for path F and G because Tysons route automatically skips day 17 password

Skips as in... The game doesn't give you an opportunity to put a password that day? For me Thanatos still guides Dave to the vault the same way of the other routes

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You can still use the password on Tyson's route for day 17. The investigation will happen and you get the prompt to enter a password like would happen with any other route. You can get the CG and everything.

The difference is, when the other routes shift into F or G at the end of day 19, Tyson's won't. By being on his route, even if you get the password wrong, Dave will stop anything bad from happening naturally through the story. You're pretty much dealing with the problem directly since he's your partner whereas you ignore him on the other routes. Affection level doesn't matter either, that has no impact on the main story (so be nice to him).

Really all it should take to be on path F or G is not use the password on day 17 and be on anyone but Tyson's route. You're technically on F/G the moment the password isn't entered, but the game will show as A/B until day 20. Since, ya know, Dave doesn't find out until then that he's on a bad timeline.

I see it now, thank you!!

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My Roswell Theory"
Obvious spoilers, dummy! I also made an Orlando Theory not too below. You can check it out if you'd like, I don't know.

Now that those pesky people that haven't finished the game yet have left, WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH YOU ROSWELL!!! YOU KILLED BENSON!!! WAAAAH!

Now, let's get to this theory that was purely fueled by my anger towards that gremlin.

Why he's a prime suspect? Well, given the fact that his health was deteriorating, I'd say he's probably a one-time tool for Memphis. Memphis wanted the vault. Didn't it occur to you that Roswell somehow hosted this vacation exactly where Oswin lives? That can't be a coincidence. Moreso, I think Memphis and Roswell (or by extent, his family) have arranged a deal. 

AFAIR, the thing that is hiding inside the Vault is Oswin's failed work, a magical syringe that can cure anything possible (again, AFAIR). So, given that Roswell had some brain cancer, it would make sense that Roswell would team up with Memphis. After all, Memphis was only interested with the "time travel" mumbo-jumbo of the Vault. It's a fair trade for both parties! 

Now let's see about Roswell's death in the 1st Password. His head is open wide by blunt force... by a book. Weird. But it's also another odd one out of the bunch. Hoss was killed by (what seems to be) Jack's hunting knife, the same knife that killed Oswin in B & G. Dean was poisoned by not washing hands (or Orlando poisoned him), Sal was locked inside a freezer (although I'm sure this was Hypnos/Thanatos' fault), and Tyson was ravaged by an animal of some sorts (Probably Dom's doings since Dean DID say it was probably a bear, and Dom is the only bear we have seen so far other than that bus driver Liam). 

The reason why I brought up Roswell's death is because it was definitely inflicted by Oswin or Benson. Sure, Oswin did deny killing Roswell by saying he was in the lab all day, and later said he was hiding behind the shelves, but you seriously trust him 100%? Nah. Oswin is a dirty man himself (still gives me chills with the Thanatos reveal in the good timelines). It's possible that Oswin somehow knew of Roswell's head condition. He DID have possession of a robot that literally has access to every single dialogue of them in the known multi-verse. What's there to say that Oswin asked Thanatos anything about Roswell.

I don't really know what Oswin would do with Roswell's brain. To be frank, I'm not even sure if he did take Roswell's brain. But that's not important. We'll be talking about Roswin. And no, this is not a ship (maybe). Memphis and Oswin has talked in the past before. Maybe SOMEHOW Memphis knew about Oswin's desire to care for children. And sure after that disastrous trial where he killed ~100 children, Oswin was plainly ruined and vowed himself unfit for nurturing kids. Well, who else is a prime pick other than Roswell? Sure, both are boars which gains sympathy points, but that's the perfect way for Memphis to sneak in a mole. A mole Oswin would probably least suspect.

Now let's go to the point where I'm SUPER pissed. Benson's death in F. Roswell stated that Benson pulled a gun at him and fired, causing Roswell to shoot back and kill Benson. Dean literally said that Roswell couldn't have gotten a gun... UNLESS he stole it from Jack's corpse. Roswell was the only one that inspected the corpse (ISTG Dave if you only checked it yourself...) and who's to say he hid a gun from Dave and only revealed the remote detonator. And about the 2 gunshots the gang heard, who's to say Roswell's 1st shot killed Benson, then he fired another shot to his direction just to stage Benson's sudden urge to kill him. Roswell definitely did this because now that Jack was gone, Memphis was gonna have a hard time getting in with Benson still alive. And with Oswin PRESUMABLY being deceased during this time, it was a perfect opportunity when him and Benson were alone.

EDIT: Foolhardy for me to instantly cook up this theory without even going through the Interrogation. But Roswell is just too smart for this. He's answering so badly that Hoss found out. Sure you can say it's the brain cancer but I don't think that's the case. Sure it gave Roswell colds, fevers, harsh breathings, but I doubt that's the reason why his intellect decreased to the point of not answering straight and saying an "I don't know" when asked how Benson missed his shot. Not going to be fat shaming, but in a dialogue in Tyson's route when he was about to leave Dave behind, he described Roswell and Orlando as "two lard-asses" meaning they're... big-boned... yeah. So you'd think a target like that, Benson would miss? He literally shot Jack, which I'd presume is slim AND fast. If Roswell WAS just dilly-dallying and looking for some C4, you'd think Benson just killed him there and then? NOPE. Roswell is suspicious.
Well that's all! I literally just came up this theory today, while typing (also did the same method with the Orlando Route). I find it hilarious I immediately made a Roswell Theory because he killed Benson, it's probably because I just find Benson so reassuring. 

Thoughts? Try debunking me!


Try debunking you? Well... Alright.

You may want to re-examine those deaths you mentioned. Your memory of the crime scenes isn't accurate, mostly in the murder weapon but in an auxiliary manner the method of execution.

But let's talk about guns. There's a bigger problem with what you put forward about Path F.

We know Jack's method of violence is a knife. He's never had a gun, so to that end Roswell can't have picked one off his body assuming we're playing fair. Which then leads us with a problem of where Roswell got the gun. Mostly because we know that Oswin's gun was handed off to Sal before Jack's arrival, and Benson has his own. 

Because we (as Dave) haven't seen the state of the room where Benson fell, we only have one testimony to go off. But I'm sure you can already see the problem in what was reported based on what we know of the weapons in play on that day already.


HMMMMMM... (Spoilers ahead again, buckar0o)

Eep, sorry about that misconception about Roswell's murder, I'll probably do a marathon run of Password again XD.

Well to be fair I'm kind of stumped. If there's 2 guns in the manor, then dang how did Roswell even get a gun to shoot Benson? Roswell said he "found it". And to be fair we (As Dave) has yet to see the crime scene. 

Or idk, maybe Jack somehow had one for safety measures? I know he's a knife person, but when you're in a mission like invading a giant ass mansion housing a butler which is the biggest threat with guns? Yeah... i'll admit, this point is kind of weak...

But one thing's for sure, Roswell is just too suspicious. It's just raising too many red flags. As Dean (or the one that went up to investigate the gunshot, I forgot :(((   )  said, Roswell had a gun when literally the only 2 known guns were with Sal and Benson. Does this mean Roswell had a gun all along? Possible. After all, I AM condemning Roswell as the secret killer right now. It's possible. And with the fact he was lying about it is just too suspicious, is it not? 

Also I dug deeper during the interrogation. About where Roswell was during Day 17 (W-----L-) was happening. During those times when Dave was asking Tyson and Orlando, Roswell was somehow always in the foyer, seemingly watching Dave just go down the Vault. Maybe trying to figure out the pieces. He probably figured out that Tyson and Orlando are marked for death, y'know, them just yelling upstairs and shit, and Dave just frantically asking both of them. So when Dave failed this day's PW, Roswell hatched a plan for Tyson to get super pissed at Orlando, as well as finding a way for Jack to sneak in and kill Oswin. 

It just aligns too perfectly as well. Tyson, having killed Orlando, will definitely look bad on him especially when everyone sees it. Knowing that Benson would shoot down anything that is a threat (just like with Jack in The Chase, but effin' missed), Benson would definitely shoot a ballistic werewolf that just murdered without reason. When everyone was outside witnessing Tyson covered in dragon blood, it was a golden opportunity for Roswell to let Jack in and end Oswin. This will obviously lead Benson in a sorry state. But sadly this didn't really make Benson tired. 

And so when Jack returned to avenge Dom, he died to Benson's gunman skills. Roswell definitely thought "Fuck, how will Memphis get here if Benson still exists?" And so that's why Benson died. Roswell decided to pull out his gun and shoot the unsuspecting otter. This would give Memphis more of a chance to fight. 
Holy shit, it MAKES SENSE NOW!!! I love making theories by scratch. 

So when we revealed Oswin, that probably led the traitor (assumingly Roswell rn) to tell Jack. This in turn, killed Oswin earlier. When he was dead in Day 17, it went earlier to Day 11. And because Oswin was dead, Benson vowed to keep watch of the mansion. AND THIS in turn caused Benson to lose sleep. And if you chose Path G whereas Oswin died early AND Tyson and Orlando dies, Benson couldn't handle the pressure no more. He DID pass out. So that's probably why he failed shooting Jack at the time, because he was tired af. RIP Benson.

And so during F,  that's when Oswin only died, not really making Benson tired to miss the shot in F. RIP Jack!

Anyways this was fun, me insisting that Roswell is a killer just because he killed Benson. XD (Also hi again, grizz)

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The guns Dom's, Dean picks it up after being told by Thanatos and just leaves it lying around in his room. The knife is Oz's you can ask him about it during the questioning. Oz says he just left it lying around the mansion but doesn't know where it is.


Correct, Dominic's gun is also in play though at what point would Roswell be incentivized to go and retrieve it? We know from the sequence of events that Benson's movements insofar as letting Hoss into the library, back through the passage and upstairs would imply that he was the one pursuing and not the one that had been ambushed. With this in mind, the rationale for Roswell to even consider getting the gun falls apart, unless you can find another reason why he'd have a motive to do any of that.

As Cerberus said, the knife was Oswin's. And as we see from the crime scene, the way in which he was killed doesn't line up for someone like Jack who is not the best at stealth from the amount of branches he supposedly steps on through the woods when Dave is around. Additionally, he has at least two knives of his own; why would you suddenly swap weapons when you have no hesitation of using your own as-is?

Then I suppose the final sticking point is the Benson v Memphis match-up. We see already from the bad path ends that Memphis isn't too concerned with Benson when they confront one another in the mansion, which gets them their escape after Benson threatens to shoot Oswin instead. 

I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm not saying you're right, but your reasoning is fundamentally flawed based on what's in-game already. 

Also hi.


jsfnakjfnakjfnasjksfn thanks for the debunk. I just made the theory for fun (and partially because I'm mad Benson died) 

A- oh. I always thought that knife was Jack's... well... even then, Jack probably wouldn't just leave HIS knife when he killed Oswin. He probably found Oz's knife by luck and used it.


Can't have, Hoss's bad end day 6 means whoever is responsible would already have picked up the knife and jack isn't intrested in going near the mansion till he knows if bensons around. 

Just passing down some wisdom, in case you know then great, if case you don't than hopefully you'll find it useful;

Something that I learned from a Phoenix Wright gameplay actually, but if you're stuck in a information because it doesn't appear to fit anywhere, or you can't think of an information that fits, try changing your line of questioning. 

If you can't find a motive for X person to do something for example, change the question from "Why did they chose to do this?" To "Why did they had to do this?"

You don't have to do this all the time, but you could try it the next time you get stuck on an information, especially if it's a question; try changing the question itself. 

Most often than not it might lead to possibilities that can be easily debunked, but even that can be useful. I sure hope it's helpful \(   \)

Hold up when did Password have an unofficial Russian translation-

Route F spoiler but I guess if you haven't play that part this won't give you much clue.

Though it may sound kind of aggressive, isn't this some chance (you could say only chance) we possibly kill Mephis by using the c4 given the lethality of those bombs is enough. You could put them somewhere near the door(most likely the front door), or even with the bodies of Jack and Dominic which will probably attract Mephis' attention if able to make him come closer.

The detonation could be a problem though. If the ECM jammer is still working, guess the detonator won't work well. Benson could shoot the bomb though, much easier than shooting Mephis. But, yeah, we know what happened in day 22 which was also suspicious.

It seems off as something that Dave would decide on. But in "some" storyline, Dave could actually get driven by the thoughts of revenge (for all these danger and death of him, his friends and most importantly, his dad), let alone there already exists such example when Dave did "kill" someone in revenge. So such story development seems resonable, to me at least.

Even at the very least, I think throwing the bombs away is much safer than trying to disarm them. But now that Thanatos can ensure the security this won't be much a problem.

Still, just some if-storylines which I would definitely try. Or maybe I just want to see more "dark sides" of Dave. There are many mysteries that I want to find answers, looking forward to what could happen in the future. Thanks for your work, Grizz!

Spoilers, the same they said 

I like your idea of the C4 to kill Memphis but that's the easy way out and we can't have that, can we? That would mean that this could end day 23 or maybe 24 considering they take those days to safely explore and search for a way out, and if I'm being honest? I want to see how these days develop and get more out of it than an easy solution, more content!


You'd seriously think Dean, Sal and Hoss would allow Dave to just charge at Memphis and detonate the C4, killing both? NOPE:

A) Dave can just be shot while charging towards him
B) Dave is the light of the whole group. Even with 2 down, he's still the most important since he's the one that keeps them intact
C) Sal would still insist in doing the deed, since he'd probably be the last person Memphis would just shoot. Sal can get close enough and detonate, killing himself and Memphis.

As usual, some blank for spoilers (well, should these even count?)

That's hardly what I meant, to be honest. I have no idea how you comprehend my words but meh.

So at the very first beginning, this is just some sort of plot outlines, rather than the whole scene. You could have some more reasonable story goings but it's not like I'm actually writing a fan-story, not here at least.

And I have never said the denotation should be done by "Dave charge at Mephis". If the remote denotator is working, then that is just the easiest way. They can hide somewhere safe enough and denotate it from distance when Mephis is close enough. If the remote denotator is not working, then Benson still have the gun! Why not trying to denotate it by shooting them? Again, these are just possible solutions. Chances are that Mephis could also have some backup measures.

(PS: While Google says C4 can withstand a rifle shot, I think it's not that much a problem. Like, hardly anybody would question about such  scientific problems in these stories. )

I don't know how you get the "kamikaze idea", but yeah, I also agree that's pretty stupid and absurd.

This idea came to me because, across every storyline (at least for those which I've played), this F storyline seems to be most likely for them to have a bite back on Mephis, which neither negotiation or some police force will do. And those bombs being simply disamred seems kind of wasted to me. Thanatos have all past memories! If keeping Dave alive is one important task for him, why not utilizing him to the most? You can know how many bombs there are (though he could be lying). You can know which direction Mephis will come to the house. You can even know whether you've tried this plan and how it turns out.

SPOILERS lol again XD

Well Benson died anyways, so their only good-eyed gunman being able to shoot the C4 with Memphis near, is out of the equation. 

About Thanatos being, Thanatos... we'll never know his truest intentions tbh. Maybe it's some physics, sciencey, universe-themed bs we can't comprehend. Might cause some time paradox lmao. He COULD say how many bombs, or tell us what is the most efficient way to END Memphis, but then again, maybe his master isn't allowing him so? During this time he's still controlled

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My Orlando Theory"
Ok so major spoilers ahead. This is a theory. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED YET!!! PLEASE!

major edit: I'm ashamed to say I am wrong.

You out? Ok.
I've been thinking of who's that secret killer. It overall probably makes sense. I think it's Orlando. (If Oswin WAS right and definitive that there's one killer among them). To be fair, I still don't think any of them is a killer. But if I were to suspect one, well... the person RELATED to the problem is obviously the easy pick.

Some evidence I've found involves a lot with Dean and his ex. Orlando is friends with Dean's ex, even obtaining a recipe from him that he used in Dean and Dave's date... Wait, whaaaat? That's a bit suspicious, don't you think so? I get that Orlando self-entitles himself as a "goach" but do you think he already despised Dean from the start since he's a bear? He knew that a BEAR was the one that broke his friend's heart, so of course provoking some sort of past trauma from Dean can derail this date that he planned for Dave. And you can say "But Orlando just knew when Dean was acting off about the pie!", well he could've faked it to get a genuine response.

(This is a bit far'fetched but I'll include it eitherway) Even IN the Dean route, Dean gets poisoned after a meal. The password gave it away by saying Dean just needed to wash his hands... but who's to say Orlando didn't poison Dean's plate? 

"But WhatAmI, Orlando dies in Day 7! His father's goons shot him while he was recovering in the hospital!" Yeah. This is where things get spicier. I THINK the whole trip is a TEST for Orlando. You'd think Memphis (his dad) would want Orlando to run the family business. This is one of the conflicts in Orlando's route. We find out that Orlando can never achieve his dream of baking since his dad wants him to continue the family "banking" legacy. So seeing Orlando fail, (i.e. gets hospitalized during a gun conflict, cries over a friend getting shot) Memphis deems this behavior unfit for his business and might as well take him out as well. He LITERALLY values Sal more (afait). 

It's a weird detail too, but Orlando is literally the only one with the least gruesome death in the First Password of each route. He's literally just sleeping there on the concrete floor. While literally everyone else gets ass-blasted with blood, but the other one is pretty... chill. I think the creator's are just hinting at the fact that Orlando is the odd one out.

EDIT: Some other follow-ups that I've forgotten to mention

In the Orlando Route, when Orlando and Dave were talking about Orlando's "Sacrifice" Password, he was semi-trying to convince Dave that he saw Dean chuckling at the site of Dave's body hanging on a meathook. Saying that the bear in his vision was wearing flannel and shit. Further proving his hatred to Dean.

Orlando may have a change of heart in his own route, probably. Citing that he'd wanna run away with Dave.

I'm just finishing Day 22 of F and I'm FURIOUS!!! I'm making another theory. And it regards a certain... suidae.

There are more details in the replies lol

So yeah, I think it's a hot take of mine. Feel free to debunk me lmao.


Hypothetically, if this is a test, then how do you resolve the conclusion of Dean's bad end insofar as what happened to Orlando? I would assume getting away with it would've been considered a pass.

(2 edits) (+1)


Wasn't Orlando put in the slammer for a short period in time due to him being sussed? (My memory is foggy, but I'm for certain that he'd been watched for a while by the police). Not only did Orlando get in trouble by getting the blue men involved which Memphis already dislikes, the murder was almost not in Memphis' interest. I probably didn't make this idea of a "test" clearer.

I'd think this test Memphis tasked Orlando is to try and desensitize him to the point of seeing corpses don't startle him no more, doing the deed and KILLING someone, but overall, doing all of that without getting caught in any way.  (Poisoning the food was a bad move since he's mostly the one cooking)

This is probably why I think Memphis just sent Orlando away in Bad Dean Ending to work at a bakery. Just so he can distance him. Memphis could've easily gunned Orlando down but, as a semi-pass for his test, he grants him a chance at life.

Plus it's also suspicious to me that Orlando is the only one ALSO messing with the vault, other than Dave. No one else toggles with it. Literally just him. For all I know, I think he's the one that narced on Jack/Anyone else when we revealed Oswin. That's probably how Oswin died. Orlando was the one that leaked the info. 

I even think that Orlando is faking his "Password". He's saying that he saw Dave hanging in a meathook in a rundown place. Not only is he trying to make Dave believe he's protecting him, HOL' UP! Where is the other RUN DOWN place we saw throughout the game? THE MILL. And who do we meet there? Jack! 

Just more proof that Orlando may be a baddie
(Also hi Grizz!)





True. Orlando is a sweet cinnamon bun. I love all of them equally. But sometimes, you have to experience heartbreak :,D

We still can't be sure though. Orlando's just the sussiest out of the 6.

Omg you're like, so right though

Everybody suspects Hoss or Roswell, but Orlando honestly has so much red flags, I really don't wanna believe its him but at the same time... qwqqqq


OK I can understand Hoss. He's been in the manor before... he's not well-known to Dave. He indirectly knew where Oswin was. BUT why Roswell. He's dying, why would he spend his last moments screwing his friends over.

Soo... I'm on path A and decided to see the bad timeline (F) but, now I wonder, What's the difference between A and B? Like, I can't get to B but I have an idea of to go get it but idk, it's below

I did say spoilers

I'm assuming by Hoss route, you can be just friends with him and by that go for route B, thinking this may apply for every route or maybe it's another thing and I'm wrong, the only time I got another ending was when in stand off for Ty, save Sal or Benson, then those got me to their endings, but aside from that, I can't seem to remember any decision that could lead me to path B



Thanks, and also sorry for talking all the time ^^'

Thats what the comment sections for.

Question! Doesn't have spoilers
I was checking the images that this page shows, and one of them is "Day 22" and I'm assuming Tyson's color and is it fake? Like, I feel like it has been there since the first time I saw this vn, now I'm in doubt if I'm crazy or if this day has been out a loooong time ago but for Patreon and was on display bc it didn't matter? Dumb thing but hey, details, I love them

(1 edit)

I have no idea what you mean, i have the entire gallery (with gallery complete at the bottom) and i don't remember getting any new cgs for day 22 the last one we got was missing day 17s password i think.

(1 edit)

Ah, I think they mean the images at the top of this page. They got replaced recently to show off the new UI and one is from Tysons day 22.

Yeah that, thank you I was with only an hour of sleep and idk, I feel like that image was in there all this time but at the same time is imposible, sorry for the dumb question haha

(1 edit) (+1)

I had said after the last update that I had my suspicions about who I think the murderer is. This most recent update now has me leaning more heavily on one specific individual, and all I will comment on regarding the route specifically is that, Grizz, while the writing in the route was very well done for this one, I'm also extremely sad about the content revealed in this one. Last update was hard enough to take. This one actually made me want to cry, and that doesn't happen with me reading VNs very often.

i still dont know the password?

Which day?

Yo, sour creme here, love the story, keep up the good work!

(1 edit)

Can someone give me a hint in what I'm doing wrong to access B? I've-

Already asked Oswin to tell me a story and even uttered the word "Rabbit" just to make him mad or something. What am I missing, why is he still alive ;w;
(I got it, nvm.)

Can someone tell me how to enter routes F and G. I'm sorry my English is not very good


Don't use the password on day 17. Path A leads to F, B leads to G.

Also Tyson's route can't access those paths.


note to self: never hide something in a huge package on a house full of queers. that's the first place they will look. :p


I can't help but laugh at that. 😂😂


Same! At first I saw it and was like "That's a good one" but now I understand and it's even funnier lmao

I downloaded the new update do I have to delete the old one? Because it's still ending at the same place

The update is only the bad timelines, so i think its path F and path G only.

Oof do u know by any chance when path A will update

Next month, the updates should be alternating between the good and bad timelines each month



Day 22 Bad Timeline spoilers

For his neutral special, Benson wields a gun

... Too bad Roswell does too

heads up! the bad timeline splits itself on day 22 based on your path


There're two days 22: one for path F, and one for path G. You get to those paths by missing the day 17 password on paths A and B respectively 

So Path G is totally different?


sorry for late reply, but yes, day 22 is completely different between F and G

Can't wait for the next update

Can I get a hint for day 7?


Benson needs multiple passwords. Each are found in the bad endings. Using one will lead to a new chain of events on day 8 and the next password will be in the new chain of events.

There is something on Hoss's route on day 7 that helps with day 8 and allows to avoid one of the passwords. Think it happens on Orlando's route too but once you know the right password it will work on every route, day 8 is a universal one.


Can someone tell me how to update the book pls


What platform? i'm guessing android which i can't help with i only know windows.

Boo windows boo! 

Just kidding 😂😂

Please don't kill. 

So I just have to reread the novel


well if you want to wait the next build will be on the 15th


When you download the new version, it keeps all of your saves. You just can keep playing from where the last build ended.


Oh ty


Anyway dean is hot ngl


Sal, 😳


What about him


Hes hot


Ty is the best, mainly because of character arch and backstory. and he looks pretty good.

And the best fact  of all

he's a wolf


Spoilers? Not really but ig






This just spawned a headcannon in me that Thanatos kins Nagito but without the whole hope shenanigans.

Ok guys, I have read a lot of these "Man this guy is sorta sus" kind of comments and (POSSIBLE SPOILERS, WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK) 

I swear is it just me, or are Ross, Hoss and Dean always the suspected ones? I can definitely understand why but I think that's actually the reason they may not be the traitors. I have a huge fear and please, if someone can deconfirm my theory, please do. I am highly scared.

I put a sort of "scale" of which character is more suspicious than the others and Ive got something like this (or atleast in my opinion) :

1. Roswell

2. Dean

3. Hoss

4. Orlando 

5. Sal

6. Tyson

It's clear it most likely is not Tyson, and I think Hoss/Dean are simply red herrings. Roswell is highly sus but I think maybe it's on purpose. I also doubt it's Sal. 

And that just leaves Orlando. 

I don't know, I really am scared, because he seems to be somewhat in the middle, and nobody really suspects him. What if he really was the traitor? 

From my personal experience, it's like "kind" people are the most likely to hide something very dark behind them. 

I just really don't want to believe this, I know, it's a stupid theory, but I have so many suspicions. Orlando is my fav, and that would really hurt a lot-

But that's when I found something strange. 


This is the file name for Orlando's death scene. Most of these CGs are usually "characterdead", except some of the alternative paths' CGs and two characters : Orlando and Roswell. (I will not say what Ross' is though.)

Most people could think "Oh isnt that because Orlando opened the vault or something" 

Valid point, but it feels so weird to see Orlando's death file named like this. 

I think Grizz is planning something for Orlando, and I have a huge fear he may be the traitor. 

Yea it's really only a dumb theory but I really have fear it could be reality. 


I mean, if it meant anything I wouldn't have hidden that information in files that aren't normally accessible by the player, thus why they're archived.

Also, there seem to be a few characters missing from your list.


Oh I meant just the main ones-

And yea ig that's fair, I theorize too much myself lmaoo


Pretty sure Orlando failed because he went down to the vault to try save Dave but then that happens, so whatever Orlando saw in the vault can happen with no one to stop it.

Hmmm... You're right. 

But do you think Orlando may still have a chance to be the traitor?... 


Think its very low, he doesn't seem to like thanatos and is too squeamish to kill anyone. Can't see him shooting someone or anything.

Totally fair, that reduces my fears a bit. It could always be possible, but honestly I just really hope it's just my brain playing mind games on me dhxhchcbbc

(1 edit)

Well ask yourself would Orlando be Hypnos considering what they make sal do? Regardless of Orlando getting Thanatos to tell Sal what to do or telling Sal himself, Orlando would still be apart of that. Can you see him doing it?

(1 edit) (+1)


At least speaking in terms of the core 6, I've always found Dean the most suspicious. Of being the traitor I mean, not the mastermind since I think they're different characters. The mastermind, Thanatos' true master, I assume hasn't even been alive for who knows how many iterations at this point.

But I'll agree that Orlando has been raising a few more flags lately. My entire reason for never really suspecting him was that he was "too nice" to have anything darker going on. But that's a poor reason in the end, it just means he's unassuming.

Do I think he's bad? No. But do I think he'd do anything to keep Dave safe? Yes. Including a deal with his dad, even if that deal doesn't include any of the others. Sal even brings up the possibility of Orlando trying that.

Think to all the bad endings we've gotten so far too. In each of them, Orlando seems to disappear (I assume dead) or outright die. Except for one. In Dean's bad ending, Orlando gets to run his dream bakery far away. His dad outright hates him, but for some reason lets that happen? After the trial over Dean's death as well.  But why? Did Orlando do something to earn that?

I'm just excited. We're getting to the point in the story that all the revelations will start being uncovered. Really looking forward to the moments of "Oh my god that's what that meant!" or the far more abundant "Wow I was so off base here."


I think this is more like a natural fear for our favorite route character to be the culprit. It also happens to me, I get overly sensitive to the things my fave one says and does and I'm like please, don't let him be the one who is doing all this at the end, even if maybe there is a chance there is a not so evil motive for all this (Like starting all these cycles so at the end they find one with a miracle or low probability scenario... or maybe I should just stop watching Higurashi before reading the novel)


I'm even worried that Grizz may plan some shit like "Your route character is actually the traitor so it changes everytime haha" LIKE IMAGINE HOW HEART BREAKING IT WOULD BE HXHCHCHF


Okay but that'd also be a horrible thing for scope management and would mean that every clue needed to be so generic to apply to everyone, that by this stage we'd have no ranking as to who was the most suspicious given most people only play between 1-3 routes

(9 edits) (+1)

( No spoilers ahead )

I've been writing a fanfiction where I'm a character(human) in the game, the feeling is really nice, though it takes SO long!

It's been around a month so far and I'm still on day 8-... I didn't wrote it with plans of creating an actual AU, I'm just really writing it for myself.

( Small spoilers ahead )

Right now I'm writing a scene where I try different kinds of food I never tried before(I'm Brazillian) with Hoss and Orlando, and since the game doesn't specify too much what everyone does after lunch I took some liberty to write a free scene.

Also, since the game doesn't have an oficial country of where things happen, I was thinking of mixing american, australian and maybe british snacks/sweets, aside from general foods I haven't tried.

It's a good way of distracting myself while waiting for the next update I think~

Funny enough the original idea was just to write pretending like I'm talking to the characters so I can put my thoughts into words about who could be Thanatos' master, in the end I end up writing a whole fanfiction 

And since we're in the topic... I'm part of the people that thinks Hoss is very sus

I played every route so far including his, and I just get more suspicious of him each time-...

( Big spoilers ahead )

Every time he is brought up he is ruled out for some weird reasons, first in Sal's death he is ruled out because killing someone by freezing them is not... His style? Excuse me, what? Is it common for normal people to have a style for killing? Maybe I just read it wrong, I'll need to check again sometime to make sure.


So I checked, it's Tyson who rules him out for not being his style, which... Doesn't help, since I'm not confident Tyson out of everyone would know him well enough?

Also, In Roswell's death he is ruled out because it's not something he would do. Which is fair enough the characters wouldn't find that suspicious, but from an outsiders perspective I find it to be.. For reasons I say next.

[End of edit]

Sometimes he is also ruled out because he couldn't fix that machine(That I forgot the name), but... He is literally an actor that already said himself that knows how to lie and confessed to not be always honest; that could very well be an act.

Even Oswin gets suspicious of him at some point, but rules him out for the machine reason... Which I'm not buying.

I think there's also some other situations he is suspicious, but I don't quite remember since they're very subtle... I should probably make a list of times a character acts sus if I want to remember better. (/   )/

Deleted 39 days ago
(1 edit)

Ok there is so many things wrong with this. The knife is Oz's if you ask him about it when you can ask questions he will tell you about it and that he's misplaced it. 

Thanatos didn't come to the mansion on the bus he was always at the mansion and can't leave the grounds because it would be out of range of the vault and he would stop working.

Hoss leaving something out in the lirary isn't anything to do with the killings, do his route and have affection with him what he leaves out is talking to dave about Hoss's family drama.

Tyson didn't kill Hoss in the bad ending. He gets angry punches him in the face knocking him out cold. He then drags him into the showers to wake him up using the water but he doesn't wake up so he freaks out and hides in his room thinking he killed him. Someone came afterwards and stabbed him.

Also whats the motive for Hoss to kill Oz? He also can't kill benson since he has a crippling fear of guns. Benson also says Oz let himself be killed, why would he let Hoss of all people kill him?

Ah, I thought I had everything figured out with the theory, although he still feels very suspicious to me.


Hey uhh-

Okay so sorta late but I wanted to apologize for the Tyson thing that happened some days ago shxhxhxbdbdb. I sorta went overboard there...


Why apologise for a discussion? 

Other than the furry fandoms overly sexual and can't see password on a deeper level you haven't really said anything warranting one. It's not even that bad of a thing to say the furry fandom is a sexual one, with furry just being a blanket term for anything non-human these days (furry=anthro animals exclusively but 'furry' the fandom has orcs, elves, dwarfs, alians and zoophillia to name a few). 

It doesn't help that the first half of the VN is a dating sim with the mystery just setting up in the background and it was shown to be a sexual one with deans CGs and the like, but Grizz knows and even said as much so it doesn't get mentioned. No need to keep going on about it really, it happened it's not that way anymore.


That's totally fair, honestly I just really wanted to rant about how I really just feel like the reason everybody likes Tyson is cuz "haha funny wolf bully dude go brrr" and that it also is partly the reason a lot of people dislike or even hate Roswell. I don't even hate Tyson but I just really think the Password fandom is a bit too obsessed with him. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions and that's fair, I just don't really get the hype that much. 


Honestly i see more OzXdave thirst going on than i see raw thirst for tyson. Any time i've seen mention of tyson it just people saying they love him because of how well writen he is. It's probably all on discord and i never go there but in the comments here the good writing opinion is far, far more common.



There's also some DaveXMemphis personally not really into the whole daddy thing but to each there own.

Is it okay that I go through other threads just for Dean's reaction? Maybe I don't want him to be very jealous, but still very interesting. Too much scope in relations with him. Everyone already seems to think that Dave is obliged to be with him, simply because he does not want to refuse him and somehow hurt his feelings. For example, what if Dave preferred that for the first time, they didn’t go under his tail, but that he did it. And in Dean's case, it's like we have to be on the bottom because of our size. Is it possible to call relations with him canonical - perhaps. But should one adhere to the canon - no. Therefore, probably for me, the relationship with Roswell is still more attractive, for whom feelings are more important. In general, Tyson is partly right about his relationship with Dean. I'm not sure what he thinks first. (At the moment, only 9 days have passed, due to lack of knowledge of the English language, so I don’t know much)

I was reading through the thread down below, and wanted to explain why I like Tyson. On a surface level, I'm always drawn to the character that all the other characters tell you to stay away from. Leo from Echo is probably the best other example of this for me, and maybe Tatsuki from Morenatsu to a lesser extent. What I would call "safe" characters tend to push me away because they're usually more predictable and less complex, therefore less interesting to me. I'm drawn to characters with problems because I want to know why they're like that, what made them turn out the way they are, and I want to see if their issues can be resolved somehow. It's like that old real world trope about how women were always attracted to bad guys because they wanted to fix them, even though that's usually how abusive relationships start. I think that trope applies here too, and I know I'm guilty of having that mindset even though I'm a guy too. I think characters like Tyson are popular because I think wanting to fix people is a very common thing, and a VN like this is a safe way to live out that experience.

(4 edits) (+3)

I’m curious while that is a reason to start Tyson’s route, Tyson himself doesn’t really fall in to that category in the way his route plays out. Dave doesn’t try to fix Tyson because he doesn’t see a problem, to him Tyson’s just Tyson. It’s Tyson who wants to fix himself, all Dave does is be there for him and be in his corner. Which is perfectly fine but doesn’t really fit the ‘I can fix him’, Even Dave says things like ''he's better'' or ''he's good now'' and it's Tyson himself who has to correct him with ''i'm getting better''.

What i'm getting at is, ok thats a reason to get into his route but why did you end up liking him?


I think it's important to note that Dave and the player themselves aren't the same person. Dave might be okay with Tyson the way he is at the start of the story, but that doesn't mean that Tyson has no issues that should probably be resolved. I played through his route pretty recently, and it was clear to me that he still has problems, even if he isn't lashing out at everyone like he did when he was younger. Obviously the player can't control what Dave thinks, but they can to an extent control what he does, and I feel like just by having Dave interact with Tyson more kind of helps the latter realize that there are still things about themselves that they need to come to terms with. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't need the MC to want to fix them in order for me to want to fix them. As for why I like Tyson beyond that, I guess it's a lot of small things really. He makes fun of Dave, but you know he would probably be the first to put himself in danger to save him. He's blunt, he has a sense of humor, he has a sort of complex pre-existing brotherly relationship with Dave, and he's one of the last connections Dave has with someone important to him. He's like an onion, he has layers, or at least I think he does, and I like that in a character. Maybe I just enjoy characters that are rough around the edges because I think they're fun to interact with, I'm not entirely sure.


You aren't the only one. I completely agree with what you've said about Tyson. He's been my favorite ever since I starting playing through this visual novel last year. Yeah, his character's rough, but I love what I see of him.

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