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You are Dave, a hyena who just finished his final year of schooling along with a few of his friends. What better way to end the school year than to spend it at an all expenses paid stay at a luxury mansion for a whole month? After all, after this month, everyone's going to be moving away to focus on their chosen paths in life, so this is the last time that everyone's going to be together for a long way.

Will romance flourish in the time spent isolated in a mansion, living the high life? Or is this all an elaborate ploy by someone pulling the strings at the mansion itself that just sees the group as a bunch of playthings for something much more sinister? Expect a story full of questions and mysteries as the friends suffer through tragedy, death, and a looming threat that grows ever closer all while trying to remember the nicer times in their lives before everything may come to an abrupt end.

Characters will die, decisions must be made, and shying away from the consequences of such will only make the journey forward harder. Can you change their fate by using the mysterious vault that seemingly wants a password to open? Is this your one salvation to save everyone?


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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(931 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Bara, Furry, Gay, Horror, Mystery
Average sessionA few hours


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HELP , I remove the game and install again and again but i cant get reset the game, it always contains my save routes and then I cant go to Dave Bad Ending again, it stinks, I dont understand this bug  :(

It's because your save files are stored elsewhere. Should be defaulting to My Documents I think?

no clue

%APPDATA\RenPy\PASSWORD is where you should find your save data

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😎 - Well, or rather, my fucking unnecessary opinion of Grizz about his game. Nothing bad, honestly!

- I wonder if they can ban you for swearing here? I hope not..

- I mean, the very fact that Dave himself remembers all his past lives tells us that there may be countless such outcomes as the "True Ending" when you collect medallions, and after each such visit, Dave's psyche will break down more and more often, and it will all come to the flesh to the point that he will begin to remember all the lives he has lived much earlier than he collects all the medallions, for example, when he first interacts with Vault, or when he first meets Oswin or Thanatos, and then even earlier, when he just gets on the bus or sees Liam for the first time, and I can one hundred percent to guarantee that all this will come to the point that he will remember all his lives when he first met Roswell as a child, and at some point he will have a choice, to continue repeating this whole vicious circle or to nip it in the bud, removing the cause and effect of everything or not, but when he accepts his own the solution, he will have several paths again, Good, Neutral and Nightmarish. 

- And with all this, I boldly declare that this game is good, very good, with a well-thought-out plot and mentally unhealthy characters! You did a great job, Grizz! 

😜 -👌👍💪

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🥲 - Poor, poor Dave, he has no idea yet that the path he is following is just the beginning of his long and inconsolable fate.


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Im trying look for the path for that trauma Pic but I cant get It. I need help, please, I think It happens in Orlando route, but Im not sure.

I suppose Dave have to go with Oswind to visit to Memphis, but when I reach 23th day, Dave always send to Dean instead himself and so I never can reach that trauma

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Saw there was talks of a possible Sprite rework is that still happening? 

Also many unfinished cgs?  

Should I wait to play once things are completed or?


The cg's aren't done yet, currently Grizz is working on the dean rewrite. But if you're thinking of playing the itch.io version it isn't currently being updated while Grizz works on getting everything finished up. The itch.io version is the complete BETA version. All updates are currently just on patreon that you can get access to for £1 a month.

this is from october so i think its okay to post but yeah the sprites are going great

Patreon updates have all the new sprites? If so I'm in.

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They haven't been put in yet Ghostlink is still working on them

- Okay, I think there's no point in keeping a pig in a poke and I'll ask the logical question, When did David die? Judging by the stories at the beginning, Tyson said that this happened two years ago, further along the plot it is told that he died either a year ago or a little more than a year ago, but can we at least be a little more specific? Even if we compare the fact that the events of the novel take place on July 15, 2019, it turns out that David died in 2017-2018??? Please give me an answer😭


It's a year and a half (ish) prior to the events of the game from memory. I never had set dates from when anything takes place, so I don't know where you're pulling July 15 2019 from.

- Well, as for me, it is natural to assume that if there are no set dates in the game, then it is logical to assume that events unfold exactly on the release date of the game itself😕

- In any case, thank you for the explanation😁

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- I have a theory that Dave is the hundredth child on whom Oswin tested his serum and several factors lead to this. 

First, Dave's coat color is paler than his parents', as if he died at the time of the serum test, but then came back to life (too biased and even slightly racist factor😝)

Second: the dates of the serum tests and age, judging from the fact that Rosewell was born on the day of the serum test, and he was eighteen at the time of the trip to the mansion, and Dave was nineteen, then Dave was already a year old at the time of the serum test (that's just I do not know the reason why Carol allowed the serum tests on Dave and so that David didn't know about it, or David also knew about it, but carefully hid it, the devil knows🤷)

Third: Dave is a pure anomaly, there were several times when he was almost killed, but he miraculously survived, however, nothing in this world happens without cause and effect, I explain, the first time David prevented Dave's death and sacrificed himself, the second time Dave himself saw Two moments of his death, one of which has nothing to do with his current iteration, and the second showed him either the future that has yet to happen, or the past in which it already happened, where Jack stabbed Dave on Memphis' orders (and here I also have no idea how this should lead to serum tests, but if if so, it means that Dave was born in a shirt and he survived three times, and as for me, big Thanatos should have a lot of fire in one place, if you understand me😎)

- Well, in conclusion, I want to note that if Dave was not the hundredth test subject, then it should be sooner In total, Jack, two factors in particular indicate this.

First: his eyes with black whites.

Second: age, although this is not really mentioned in the game, but Jack should not be younger than the same Dominic (and Dom, as I understand it, is the same age as Hoss, who is about twenty years old)

This is the end of the theory, and whoever does not understand will understand😜


The answer to that is in the vn and it's not really hidden i dont think.

- Really? I think I missed this part, but can you tell me which way and on which day it was mentioned, please?

i dont remember exactly its either the path where you kill everyone as fast as possible or path C, i think. it could also just be on a certain character route, but i cant say which it could be since that would spoil the answer.

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- Okay, we'll try to search, thanks for the answer!

- Grizz, my question is, which of the characters wears shoes?


They all do, just not all the time.

- Oh, that explains a lot😓

- Thanks for the answer.

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- Dave is a Reaper who is always followed by Death ;) 

- Redesign :}


Honestly I love at the beginning how it gives you the illusion of free will and name choice only to shoot it down with coffee


The coffee is a way of getting affection with the boys.

Use 'Dave' to get +1 affection with everyone. You can use any of the friends names to get unique dialogue and +1 affection with that person (names must be capitalised). 

Theres some others just for dialogue like 'Timber' and 'Chase', i dont know them all

- S-So, uh... What kind of questions can you ask Oswin on the eighth day? Like what if I tell him Thanatos's name even though Dave shouldn't know about him in the story? Or ask Oswin about Dave's parents, because Dave also shouldn't have known that his parents were both in this mansion. It just seems to me that it would be much more interesting if the reaction of characters like Oz was more harsh about this. Just imagine! A hyena guy comes to your mansion who suddenly enters the necessary passwords from the vault one by one and also knows about things that he shouldn't know about! If I were Oswin, I'd go crazy myself!


so I'm been watching Keith Ballard's LP of Password and a recurring critique is that none of the characters have a unique voice, they all speak of everything in the same manner, so I would like to help fix that, with my completely unqualified advice based on amateur knowledge of linguistic psychology, I will say which way I think the characters would speak based of their personalities, and hopefully would help make their voices distinct if implemented, maybe, I'm not a writer so who knows

Orlando, Hoss, and Oswin: Syllogistic Form (Given X, then Y; If-then statements, conditional logic); Declarative Form (Sentences are declared as clear-cut statements, with closure);

Orlando and Hoss: Persuasive Cadence (Pacing, word choice, and delivery meant to maximize affect); Familiar Tone (Friendly, colloquial tone to invoke relatability and camaraderie); but how to make Orlando and Hoss' voices distinct from each other?

Oswin: Blunt Delivery (Matter-of-fact language, straightforward and unadorned); Avalanching Facts (Communication via an impersonal series of causal events news anchor style);

Dave and Dean: Self-referencing ("I" language, subjective opinion/belief-centered grammar); Terseness (Brief, minimalist language, stating things statically without much elaboration);

Dave: Ontological Clarifying (Heavy time spent defining initial "terms" and avoiding equivocations); Semantic Disclaimers (Preemptive addressing of common misunderstandings, to ensure comprehension);

Dean: Self-revealing language (Candid details of personal life, oversharing); Direct affirmation of self-properties (Declaring what one is directly, without speculation);

Tyson: Short Phrases (With quick follow-ups); Casual language (Informal tone and style); Vivid Realism (Description of objects/experiences in visceral detail, highlighting the overall feeling evoked); Trendy Language (On-trend slang words and references);

Roswell, Sal, and Benson: Dense Information (Reference-rich, information-heavy sentences); Long Elaborations (Prolonged backstories, long paragraphs, and buildup);

Benson: Backstory & Context (Thorough setup and backstory provided for a given point or topic); Step-by-Step Elaboration (Explanations that follow a brick-by-brick narrative sequence);

Roswell and Sal: Convergent Events (Rather than one linear chronology, the past is explained as events crossing paths); Cross-Domain Synthesis (Tying different domains/layers into the present topic, as real or as metaphors); but how to make Roswell and Sal's voices distinct from each other?

this is all probably bullshit, I would appreciate it if someone who actually knows how to write dialogue would give their 2 cents

i dont really get the point but i'm also tired so wtf. Is the problem you want voice acting or is it just because it's plain text without some mannerisms like slovenly speech?

If its the mannerisms thing the reason is most likely to keep things plain and simple to read. Grizz is australian and some people had problems with the text early on so he changed it all to american. Putting regional colloquialisms into the story would just make it harder for people to follow or understand and in a murder mystery that you need to solve that can be alienating.

(5 edits) (+3)

By "voice" he's talking about a term in the writing and literary world to refer to how a character's personality and psychology is shown through their choice of words; how they express, what they express, etc.

*Not* accent, dialect, or colloquialisms. 

Typically, if every character talks the same, that might not be considered the best dialogue. Though that being a problem in Password is OP's opinion, not mine.


I want to make a video on this game so badly. Just got to wait for the next update so it can feel fresh lol

I don't know how far away the next public build is, but the next one will likely be the first one until it goes full release; just need to clean up Dean's route first.

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Awesome, can't wait! ^^
I still would love to make videos on this amazing VN, if that is ok?

Oh sure, go for it.

Awesome!! Thank you ^^

I'm really enjoying password. Very good writing and story building. Thank you it's been a real pleasure even if it is intense and scary. Especially when it guessed my real name. 😁


🤔 - In what sense is the real name?

Is it possible to recover my save data? My old device wont work and my save is on there. Is there a way to get back to the point I was at or change a file to match my old file? I tried usong a save editor but its too complex and the game crashed when i loaded the edited save.

Given no save editor should exist, that's probably why the game crashed. If you're able to access your old device at all, there's a chance your saves are also backed up in %APP DATA%. Failing that, you'll just have to use the skip options available in-game to speed through what you've already seen and get back to where you were.

I am STRUGGLING. Am I just dumb? How do I start path b??


Reveal Oswin when given the opportunity shortly after saving Benson.

I wonder when the next update is coming out. Or the full releas


Full release is still a while off, Updates happen monthly on Patreon.

I shall remember to subscribe to said patreon then :3


Hm in my honest opinion this game needs an editor and a rewrite. Lots of days where the game drags on with nothing going on. 

That's what's planned for the next stage. Dean rewrite is happening on the Patreon side currently and once that's done a lot of things are being culled for expediency.

Well, I finally finished the main story and I'm kind of sad that the story is over, I really liked the characters, they are very charismatic, in relation to the story it's very good, the password mechanics work well and it's cool when you discover the passwords by yourself , in relation to the ending: 


Dave getting memories from other timelines was something I was already expecting but it was cool to see anyway, there were some things I wanted answered, like what the big Thatanos was, what happened to Orlando's father in the P timeline, but nothing that ruins the game in relation to Taison being the Canonical route, I'm happy and sad, I like Taison, but David and Orlando will always be canonical in my heart, excellent game.

i have a question. what ages are each of the characters?

Roswell 18, Dave and Orlando 19, Hoss 20, Tyson 21, Dean and Sal I think are 23 and 24.

Hay just started the VN and was hoping I could see what unique dialogue you can get with the coffee name in the beginning 


Use 'Dave' to get +1 affection with everyone. You can use any of the friends names to get unique dialogue and +1 affection with that person (names must be capitalised). 

Theres some others just for dialogue like 'Timber' and 'Chase', i dont know them all

what does affection do does it make it easier to date that person or does it build trust


its affection, having it high does things like being able to hug Sal at the pool or kiss Hoss in the library

Thanks for letting us know 😁


I assume I'm no where close to finishing this game yet, but I swear the correct password sound effect is going to haunt me.


Okay! So first of all, i would like to admit that it was this game the reason why i even created an account lol

Aside from that, and (SPOILERS ALERT) after FINALLYYY beating the whole game by playing just what... 7 times??? xd i can officially say that it was worth it.

I definitely relate to Dave in a lot of things which made the whole experience even more enjoyable, and the whole plot surely managed to surprise me (or at least the first time) and as for the routes... although i have my favorites, i won't deny that they were insteresting and in some cases very pasionate (i'm looking at you Dean!), but yeah, overall pretty good 10/10!



I love this VN! I'm probably about 90% through getting all endings, and I have to say, this is one of very few VNs where I really really like the MC, especially as I get to know him more throughout each play through. He's so cute and sweet and innocent and I can genuinely understand why all the other boys crush on him, rather than it feeling forced. Says a lot from me too as I'm a sucker for a himbo. 

Well done!

Deleted 44 days ago
Deleted 44 days ago

I'm sorry that you found certain parts of the VN not to your liking. From your critique though, it looks like you went in assuming this was closer to a character drama rather than a mystery thriller, which is possibly where certain parts of the VN felt like they fell flat.

Deleted 44 days ago

What is the song name when reading letter at day 24? On Rosswell route if it makes difference. Loved the game


"What You Could Have Been"

Is it uploaded on youtube or any other platform? I can't find it

The music can only be heard in the music room at the moment, think the plan is to sell the OST when its all done.

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so I've been watch Keith Ballard's let's play of Password, and has brought up several criticisms, i have a idea of how the first 3 days could be re-written to alleviate some of the problems, keep in mind that i am no writer and this just a fan's opinion, also i'm not on patreon so if anything i talk about has already been fixed in the new builds that's why, Spoilers ahead

start day one with Roswell making a big scene of Tyson's appearance (it's kinda weird we only see Dean's individual reaction despite his lack of connection to Tyson, my guess it was to set up a romantic rivalry but it never goes anywhere, except that kinda sudden fight in Benson's bad end, anyway is weird that Roswell and Orlando don't get a reaction until Roswell suddenly begins harassing Tyson later), but begrudgingly relenting to let him go (thereby starting the vacation in a bad note and providing a reason why they don't hang out together as often as one would expect), day 1 spend first with Tyson and latter Dean establishing any vital information (things like how are their relationship with Dave and each other, who knows about Dave's dad, who was in high school together, who doesn't know each other well, basically any important character information that Dave already knows about at this point), day 2 do the same for Sal and Hoss, and day 3 for Roswell and Orlando, imply that they are mad at Dave and have been avoiding him until now, but don't have them address the issue head on yet, so Roswell later actions and the call out Dave gets later make sense, i would also establish that Dave is depressed because of his father's death from the beginning (probably day 2 or 3), because right now we only find out about it at the end of day 8, and then in day 9 he starts his depressive spiral, this harms the emotional catharsis of day 14 because the change in his behavior shouldn't be a mystery to those who knew of what happened (which at that point is everyone except Hoss and Sal if you are not in his route), but if is established that Dave is putting up a "everything is fine" facade then the reveal of how much this was affecting Dave makes much more sense, also i would move the blocking of the road to day 9, because it makes no sense in path B how they don't just leave for days after finding Oswin's body, the reason given is because they don't want one of them to be incriminated, but that excuse falls flat when you notice it wasn't a concern in any of the previous bad endings

anyway i hope the feedback helps, love the game, personal top 10, but it could be better

How do I NOT get a bad ending?


You will get many bad endings, then you need to find the password, usually a word that sums up all that happened.

At the end of the story you get to imput the password and progress the game to a new path with high grade.

Play all characters to get all zodiac medals.

Thank you, I would not figure that out by myself.

When I type my name for 5he coffee thing on mobile it just ignores it and gives me the default name


The name was a thing way in the past but since Dave is his own person not a self insert he gets his own name. The coffee cup is now for easter eggs. If you type Dave then you get +1 affection with everyone but if you put someone elses name you get +1 with that person (my fave is how Dave reacts to seeing Tysons name). There's some patreon names that change it i think, but the only one i remember is Timber (i think).

Typing in "Chase" as the name is pretty funny

I'm replaying the game cause last time it wasn't finished so i want full experience at once but when I got to day 23 it looks like it skips the first time Dave awakening and forest scene. How can i replay it? That was like the most intense part of game for me

(1 edit)

I don't think so in the public version, but if it's there it's in the Compendium section. It's been a while so i can't remember if the free version has the compendium even as an option in its basic function or not.

(1 edit) (+1)

I finally finished the novel. After 2 years I've finished it.

Thank you for putting so much effort in this novel. 

I am excited for more to come! But as of right now, it's time to wait.


I am ALMOST FREAKING DONE. But im stuck. I need a hint..or hints.

How do you get the GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS medal??

I did every person's route and I only got they're personal medals and only a few others.

Do Path B.

(1 edit)

Once you have 11 metals what do you do?


Not sure about that but I think you have to repeat A once you've got all possible medals.


Once you have all 12 medals, then repeat the sequence at the end of Path A.


Wanted to let you know I bought your guys plush!

I've always enjoyed this novel since day one and it's exciting to almost be done with the novel.

I hope more plushies are coming. soon!


There will be eventually!


I would love one of Sal but real size.

At leat I can dream. Heheh

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Are there only 9 pages of available save space? I'm on the android version and I have no more room to add saves after using 1-9.


there's a scroll bar on the side, each page has alot of save slot on them.


I used up all the save slots on pages 1-9. I'm just used to other novels having more than 9 pages of available save space.


you used up all 180 save slots?




wow just wow, i've done everything with password and i used about 36. Have you thought about going over your older saves?

(5 edits)

It used to have unlimited saves years ago after the version 0.24 I think..

I stopped to read Password after that since I lost access to my newer saves after that and never had mood to manually renamed those all to back in the moment I last played it.

But It had only 2 lines per page, 6 slots. I have 150 saves anyway that long ago. 

I probably need rename more than 100 files if I wanted back to have access to it all.

Before I go diving into this one I gotta ask, for all intents and purposes it is DONE in terms of available story correct? All that comes after this in later versions is general tweaks and polish?


Correct. There's extended content insofar as epilogues and alike in the Patreon version but as far as it being as a complete story with answers to the mystery and conclusion to the story, this version has all that.

The caveat though is this version is a little behind insofar as some revisions made in the Patreon version both for clarification and QoL in some scenes when it comes to explaining some of the central themes a bit better. 


What an attractive game it is! With its rich storyline and multiple choices, it's so addictive that I forget to sleep at mid night. By the way, I only found the computer-translation version on Telegram, after spending a lot of time, which makes me had no choice but to stop as soon as I realized it was a mis translation. I need to switch back to English in the menu and then read the original, Yep, repeating the above operation again and again each time. It's so exhausting to play the game without Chinese for me. Some mis translations are really funny, such as “lando laughed, waving Sal off although it was clear that he'd been busted.” The computer translate “been busted” into “被逮捕”, which means getting arrested by the police, lol. Anyway, this game holds great appeal for me, and I am eagerly anticipating playing the legitimate original Chinese version of this game on Steam. I am willing to pay for it.

From the ask me anything Grizz did:

What options for translations will there be on full release, fan-made or otherwise?

Ideally, I’d like to have Password available in other languages. As of right now, Chinese and Spanish are the two biggest ones requested and given the size of the Chinese fanbase that’d probably be the priority.

Now, while I know fan made translations exist, I don’t endorse them. I can’t quality check them to know what’s going in there, or how well they’re done, but I’m not going to actively tell people to stop doing them.

It’ll also depend on the cost of translating the whole thing as to if it’ll be available. While offers have been made for fan translations to be done for free, it’s a lot of work and something I’d like to reliably be able to purchase under contract so I can deliver on any promises of it coming.


I stop playing at day 15 Path A. Most characters are ok and behaves quite... normal, I suppose. Except for the MC (Dave), I find him rather annoying, especially his inner thoughts and how he makes things complicated for himself and his friends, it's so exhausting that I cannot proceed with the game. Unless he has mental problem and bad communication skill, then it is understandable. Besides, I dont understand how his friends accept his visions/dreams without any doubts. Like, if someone told you that you gonna die or someone gonna die because they see some visions after entering some words into a vault panel, the first reaction should be doubt, or you should think that they are paranoid or had hallucinations. But no, everyone freaks out when Dave reveal those things, even goes find the gun, doubt each others for being the killers (even though they are friends, not total strangers).


You got to day 15 and never realised Dave's an anxious mess with depression and using the vault causes severe mental trauma?

hmm, I missed the detail about the vault causing mental trauma, well that explains his behavior. Anyway, his problem would be much smaller if he tried to communicate openly with his friends. All the guys are cute btw, so that is a plus for this visual novel.


Anxiety doesn't work that way, you always second guess yourself things like "am i bothing them?" "i'm just wasting their time", "i dont want to cause trouble". Makes comunication a bitch. As for the vault Oz explains it and mentions he's worried about dave using it because of his nervous disposition.

(1 edit) (+2)

I just want to say, this game is amazing.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Lays down a sobbing mess

I still haven't finished the game yet


I need help: here I played the game but Thanatos tells me that I have 11 medals yet I made the path A of all the characters so I did the path B of Roswell but I did not have a medal I also did the one of Orlando but I have only 11 medals I do not know what to do, au and I miss 2 trauma the one between the pool and sal who attacks DeanI also noticed that when Divid starts to note these passwords he notes some that are not used as deluge, if we use them then where, by the way in the conversation between Thanatos and David, David repeats the word EXCEPT 2 times and the second time it is written in bold I wonder if we can use it as a passwordau and it is possible to use the password to save Roswell on the other routes on day 4 I did it on the road to sal and that worked I was also able to access the trunk on day 11 and enter the password

Which medal are you missing?

bah, when I talk to Thanatos at the he tells me that I have 11 medals, I did the paths A and B of all the characters I do not really understand what happens to help me

Without knowing which one you're missing, I cannot assist in which one is potentially bugging out.

I think I'm missing the ram medal

Aries should be unmissable, on Day 23.

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