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You are Dave, a hyena who just finished his final year of schooling along with a few of his friends. What better way to end the school year than to spend it at an all expenses paid stay at a luxury mansion for a whole month? After all, after this month, everyone's going to be moving away to focus on their chosen paths in life, so this is the last time that everyone's going to be together for a long way.

Will romance flourish in the time spent isolated in a mansion, living the high life? Or is this all an elaborate ploy by someone pulling the strings at the mansion itself that just sees the group as a bunch of playthings for something much more sinister? Expect a story full of questions and mysteries as the friends suffer through tragedy, death, and a looming threat that grows ever closer all while trying to remember the nicer times in their lives before everything may come to an abrupt end.

Characters will die, decisions must be made, and shying away from the consequences of such will only make the journey forward harder. Can you change their fate by using the mysterious vault that seemingly wants a password to open? Is this your one salvation to save everyone?


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Updated 16 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(770 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Bara, Furry, Gay, Horror, Mystery
Average sessionA few hours


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How do i get path b for Dean?


paths:- https://www.patreon.com/posts/on-topic-of-42690779

I followed what to do and I'm still getting path A 


I keep trying this and keep on getting path A. I tried the other steps and only got path C. Are paths B/D hard to get or am i doing  other steps wrong?


The only criteria to get on path B is that choice with Benson.

Choosing to Reveal Oz puts you on path B. With D and G becoming accessible through that.

If that's not working then it might be a bug?

I think it's bugged for me. i am going to delete and reinstall the vn

This will sound weird but does anyone have version a011? I'm curious about the days they were reworked and old audio files like "together" LMAO



Hey guys, I've got a question, it's a spoiler so I'll drop it down below but if someone could help me out a bit I'd really appreciate it.

so basically, the question was if anything other than the dialogue with Oswin right after is supposed to change after you put the password on day 11 on my second play through to figure out abt the word Oswin was going to show you. Path is still the same (A) and I'm not sure if it's gonna change the story all that much or not, just so I can move on to the other path and other character routes or not without missing bits of he story. Thanks!


Right now i dont believe so, but Grizz will probably give a more definitive answer.

Fair enough,thanks a lot!

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It's purely a plot counterweight for Dave of Route A vs B+D. Allowing Route A to be become stable/"main-route".

Dave has actually no real Reason to trust Oz in the first place; Oz accused one of Dave's friend being a potential murderer.  It's imo more realistic that Dave's trust into his friend would encourage him to reavel Oz on Day 8/9.

On Route B/D, Dave will uncover Oswins body, being stabed.  And on Route A we got the Day 11 password, that shows Oswin being alive. So with these two traumatic memories imprinted into the Dave of future interrations, Dave  will 99% choose not to reveal Oz. 


U make a pretty good point, those are things I didn't really consider myself. Something else to think about as if there wasn't enough already hahaha. Thanks a lot for the reply!


IM NOT LIKING HOW DEAN SHOOTING US HAS NOT BEEN BROUGHT UP FOR SO LONG....im literally screaming dont bring him along...how does dave not remember ??!


probably because he didn't shoot him he just gave a very odd ''there you are'' response when he found his friend bleeding out and was just holding the gun.

(3 edits)

Spoiler and speculations

Because there are also "vision" aka iteration with Dom being friendly and Dean already being Dave's boyfriend or even fience. So although the Gun in Deans hand should make Dave suspicious, Dave is still too naive towards his friend. Otherwise he would have solved Dean's, Orlandos and Bensons murder case quit earlier. 

Dean is suspect Number 1 on most murder cases (kinda framed by the master, like the hunting Knife in Hoss' chest or the big revolver in Bensons left hand, with Dean being the only  left-handed person in the group). 

Considering that Dean's Route is "unwanted" by the master, and filled with the master's mistakes to kill Dean at any cost -> I got the following hypothesis: That the outcome (and survival of certain characters) may even depend on Dean being romanced, Loyal or not. Or the opposite from the master's perspective instead the players: that Dean must die first (day10 - Route c/d/e).

I speculate that Dean has always been blackmailed by the Mafia to spy on Dave (and Orlando). Thanatos or his master already knew it all the time. Just as they knew that not making the trip to the mansion and David senior being alive will always lead to the death of everyone. So the vacation on the mansion is not only to "awaken" Dave's morphic resonance powers but also  to shift Dean's loyalty.  

i just realized oswin and roswell are possibly related...unless it was mentioned and i forgot


The answer has been said in the VN.


yea i realized how late i was to these updates...

yea i realized how late i was to these updates...


My morning just got better


Is there some kind of guide on how to get on each path? Cause I'm not smart enough to just big brain guess what passwords to say (or not say) on what days.


it's rather simple, A/B depends if you tell on Oz, C/D are A/B but when you fail the next password, you may also get to E during C/D. F/G are again A/B but when you fail the password after that one.


I downloaded the new update be it still says TBC


this update is for path F


Oh thanks so much I was a little confused


Ouch... That's really all I can say. Well done, but yeah... Ouch. :(

So...... I'm in tears.
I will not be saying why.

........Okay, so now I'm really going to cry.

........Dammit, Sal... And Oswin... And Benson...
My theory of both of you somehow hypnotizing Sal still stands. But...Something just doesn't sit right with me. And... and Dean and Roswell...................

(1 edit)

Как избежать плохого конца с Бенсоном?


Same as the first time. If anything changes, you know you have more hunting to do.

(1 edit) (+1)

Бенсону нужно более одного пароля. Каждый встречается в плохих концовках. Использование одного приведет к новой цепочке событий на 8-й день, а следующий пароль будет в новой цепочке событий.

В 7-м дне Хосса есть что-то, что помогает в 8-й день и позволяет избежать одного из паролей. Я думаю, что это происходит и на маршруте Орландо, но как только вы узнаете правильный пароль, он будет работать на каждом маршруте, 8-й день является универсальным.



Public Service Announcement:- There will be no public build in December due to Grizz doing a charity event NaNoWriMo that he participates in each year in november.


Daaaang you update! just as im about to get off D: xD


How do we reach route B of the last build? I'm at a loss here-


paths:- https://www.patreon.com/posts/on-topic-of-42690779


Hi! I'm a returnee of playing this favorite vn and I was gonna ask if its ok to go with Tyson's route? 


You can go with any route, the story and route are pretty separate. The story is the story its effected by the vault and events like that but routes are more like the flavour (who you will experience the story with). So your free to pick whoever you want as your route partner.


will everyone be still alive if i go with Tyson's route? I feel like someone's gonna die😅


Whatever route you choose has no bearing on who dies after the first bad end. The route is just flavour, pick whoever you want so long as you get the passwords and make good choices its possible to keep everyone alive.

(1 edit) (+3)


I wish the day 19 sex stuff wasn't just glossed over. I would've liked to read more .-.


It was too distracting from the overall plot, and people were defaulting to "haha horny" when that wasn't the focus of those scenes originally. I wrote a smuttier version of them for I think Tyson and Orlando and threw them up on Patreon, but that's about it.








(3 edits)

can i get Happy Ending With orlando.. he's got knife but  not a little Blood ? .. Iam Very Curious On this 😭😭😭😭😭 then why you all get untile day 24... can i get Full version of this game ? ... become patreon or something..

I take it you haven't seen anything past the first bad ending, good news is you don't need to pay anything to get more content, instead look at the words said during the bad end  one of them is the password you need to save Orlando. 

BTW get used to looking through the text you'll need more than one password to keep everyone alive


(1 edit)

I recommend to grab a piece of paper and write down any sus words that may be a password. For the honest blind-player, the frist murder is impossible to prevent without reading the bad ending first.


Orlando does't just need a password it also matters if you choose to follow him or not.


Public patreon post about fun stuff:- https://www.patreon.com/posts/something-fun-73532559


Great update , but uh I replayed until the "end" of day 24 on Dean's Route then I loaded a save from Day 19 on Sal's route and weirdly enough. Dave and Sal didn't happen and Dave didn't get together with anyone. I've loaded multiple saves on Sal's route and this keeps happening and I'm not entirely sure why.

Also are there any Sonas or OCs from Grizz or Cerberus I kinda wanna spare some time to make art of them if that's ok 

(3 edits) (+3)

I'm not a dev or anything i dont even work on password i'm just a patreon who decided to lurk and help out in the comments. Grizz is the only dev for password its very much a solo project though Civ does some music aswell.


I have a fursona, but it's not visible in game.

As for what happened with Dave and Sal, the other characters have a say in if you get together too. You just didn't romance your route partner good enough.

(3 edits) (+1)(-1)

Spoilers ahead (or not idk-)

i honestly hope Dean makes it back safe-

at the start of the novel, when Dave discovered Dean's body in the greenhouse, I almost bawled my eyes out TvT

(1 edit) (+1)

Dean and Tyson may have the highest chance of survival; But imo it's still a bad move cause Dean is the only one among dave friends being able to use the revolver.  

Speculation, spoiler:

There is also the possibility the Dean is on Memphis payroll all the time. There are two very subtle hints to that. Would be quite ironic, but also a crazy payoff: The only way for everyone to survive is to follow the Dean-Romance Path A, to make Dean defect from Memphis gang.

(5 edits) (+2)

It would certainly be... a choice to lock the best ending behind Dean's route. But I just don't think it'll play out that way.

 As someone that spent basically the entirety of their time playing, convinced he would have some kind of heel turn. I'm just not seeing it. Not this close to the end. At some point we need to accept he's just a normal character that needs a rewrite to his route. Because right now his most notable moment is everyone else's day 19 when his romance subplot with Dave finally ends.

I think it's genre paranoia to not trust the character who's "just nice".

But to feed into my old suspicions, he still has moments that make me hesitate. That vision in the forest where he doesn't react right to Dave bloody while also armed with a gun. When Tyson finds Dave dying Dean is somewhere in the forest allegedly looking for Dave. He's intentionally left out when Thanatos goes through the list of who died after Dave does. Tyson is shot immediately, Orlando right after, Hoss, Roswell, Benson and Oswin all burn up in the fire with Sal maybe still being alive right outside. The fact on both path A and B his location is unknown at the "to be continued" point.

Thanatos even mentions that Dean has so far always been good on every timeline. But he also admits the group has never made it this far accompanied with the knowledge some of his memories have been deleted.

I don't see him working for Memphis. But I can see him breaking under the threat of death and abandoning the group. I believe Sal even mentions Dean and Tyson as the most likely to snap first. But with Tyson (who I'm personally worried wth he's up to on path B) he's at least loyal to Dave no matter what because that's all he has. Dean has a nice life outside of the mansion he'd probably want to get back to.


Now that I think about it, going back to the part where Thanatos lists who dies, I remember noticing that Dean hadn't been listed as well, but didn't think much of it for some reason.

Back to everything else, you do make a valid point. I can also kind of see Dean abandoning the group when sh*t hits the fan.

Personally, I just hope everyone makes it out okay, and when it happens, I hope Roswell will pass away knowing his friends are alive and safe.

(3 edits) (+1)
At some point we need to accept he's just a normal character that needs a rewrite to his route. 

What kind of rewrite? I personally enjoy the "normal guy" Dean. His Story feels like a vacation compared to most character with their  (family) issues. The main flaw of his Story is the missing bridge/logic between his character-flaw "Abadonning Rami" to his "dating" problems and other parts of his bahaviour.

But I can see him breaking under the threat of death and abandoning the group.

He already abandoned Rami. So Dean coming to the rescue of Dave or Hoss or even Tyson would be a nice end of his Story-arc, no matter if he is on Memphis Payrole or not. I think Dean is pretty brave. 

a) Dean volunterd (it's only brave if he does not work for Memphis)  b) Dean tried to stop Sal from killing Roswell, but gets himself killed  c) On Benson death, Dean and Tyson are the first to spring into action.  d) He took a hit from Sal without resisting/dodging.

(3 edits)

I only mention the rewrite because a touch up is apparently happening once the story is finished. I don't even think he needs that much of one. Mostly just getting more of his personality to shine through would be nice.

And realistically the one most likely to mess things up, at least on path B, is Tyson. His actions on C/D are what escalated everything to go to hell as quickly as it did. Because if I'm right about why he snuck into the forest... ugh, if he doesn't get killed Dave really should invest in that collar once they get home.

But yeah, Dean doing something courageous is the more likely scenario. Hopefully by saving someone. 

I'm just so curious how B is going to end. I can see it being the path characters are about to die in comparison to A, I just hope it isn't as "kill em all" as C/D/E/G have been. Characters individually living or dying based on our choices instead of scripted has always been my dream mechanic.

(1 edit)
I only mention the rewrite because a touch up is apparently happening once the story is finished.

I misunderstoood you. I guessed you demand specific rewrite for Dean being too normal=bad writing. 

Spoiler part.

I only mention the rewrite because a touch up is apparently happening once the story is finished.

I guess i would be poetic justice if the mastermind dies because of that. However: considering Dave Vision on Path F i think the hostage/colletarel is going to die without Oswin being around. 

I want to clarify: Dean on Memphis Payroll means that Dean is not part of the Mafia Clan. Memphis does not hesitated to kill Dean on Route F. Instead Dean got blackmailed by the mafia to keep and eye on Orlando and his sus frined the small hyena Dave. And Dean wanting to protect his large bear family and his brother agreed to that and started flirting with Dave,

Speculation-time !!

Path B:  

1. Dean dies as hostage   OR

2. Dave sacrifice himself, Dean losses his mind -> hook ending of Orlandos Vision. OR

3. Dean is on Memphis Payroll -> Everyone dies if you broke Dean's heart (Roswell Route), only one Character dies because Dean takes to much time to decide OR everyone survives (Dean Route only, because Dean backstabs Memphis instantly or convince Dom to join the other team.)

Path A:

1. Oswin dies instead of Dean after an exchange of hostages

2. Dave act as a bait, but get rescued by Dean, Oswin , Orlando and Roswell to fight the Endboss Memphis.

3. Dean is on Memphis Payroll. But Dean (and Dom?) betrays Memphis anyway.


The rewrite is basically just to make Dean's personality and who he is shine through more on his route as most of the things that makes him interesting or rather, about him, exist more on other routes. So that needs to change.

Consider B... not nearly as dire as the others. Expect a lot more survival, or at least that's the intention. Granted so far it's maybe been one or two surviving so that's not much of a stretch. As far as living or dying based on choices, the original plan was to have the final run be something closer to Mass Effect, choosing the characters for different jobs based on what they are good at and if you choose right they live, wrong they die. This was cut though due to a few factors, scope not being part of them. Mostly with people not really wanting to engage with mechanics in their visual novel, along with me botching character details in their delivery for people to properly understand. 

Maybe in another project we can have something like this, but for now just expect a clear(ish) run to the end.


Umm so theres no itch.io download option? Is everything ok?


Is this not showing for you?

(1 edit) (+2)

🙂.......my apologies im kinda new to this and didnt know thas how you updated it, i thought it was through Development log, but now i just feel stupid thamks a bunch


Ah, that's partially on me. I'll go copy the dev log over later.


Public Service Announcement:- There will be no public build in December due to Grizz doing a charity event NaNoWriMo that he participates in each year in november.



New build spoilers



New public build https://www.patreon.com/posts/public-demo-a0-1-73306583

how do I download on iPhone 

I was hoping someone who knows for sure would have replied by now since i only know pc ut i believe you need to download it through the itch.io phone AP.

(2 edits) (+1)

Don't delete your 0.45.2 Version prematurely,

when upgrading/downloading the next Version (0.46). 

Edit: See below. I will mostly play with 0.45.2. for now.


Its not a bug, Grizz responded to it on patreon.

Question: how can i replay the events of the 23/24 in another route? every time i try it skips straight to the day ???

Grizz: As of right now you can't, for reasons explained in-game. An option to allow replaying those scenes is currently being considered however.



Just be mindful that there is a persistent variable that attaches to the save file itself, so an older version may not necessarily help.

The best thing I can recommend is create a save before the event, and use that to replay content until the replay option is implemented.

(1 edit)
Just be mindful that there is a persistent variable that attaches to the save file itself, so an older version may not necessarily help.

So i must NOT copy any save files from 0.46->0.45. Or reinstall 0.45.2 without any Saves.    Thx for the warning.


More like rolling back saves won't help potentially if you've already crossed that line.

(1 edit)

Failing that i can still delete all saves including the %appdata%


Hopefully this should work.

So I actually first played this when it started development but had to drop it and I decided to pick it back up now because I had time to just sit down and play a game and OML I just finished what there is of Path A and I'm so invested in all of this, I was having a lot of fun finding the other paths (even though a random comment just spoiled it for me) and I love the vault mechanic. I did feel like there were times where I was given too much (like at the start of every route) or too little direction for the password and ended up just writing down a list of notable words BUT direction is good for people that might not understand the gimmick and I'm really excited for more even if my emotions are a mess rn

(1 edit)

Do you Guys know in Dean Route Password I got The bad Ending i think I missed something But i cant still figured out where is it

Im still stuck at Day 6 please help me Huhu

Can yall gave me some Guide and Password to😭

the day 6 password is in the bad end check the letter dave gets.

By far one of the best VN's I have played. It's a bit of romance but a lot of mystery. Played Sal's route first and now playing through Tyson's. New update when MC dies in Tyson's arms made me cry :(

I congratulate the dev so much for making something so interesting, intriguing and different from the rest.

(3 edits)

Just curios: Is there any player who  got the Password Day 6 (Dean Route)  right away, first try? For me it's seems impossible to get the password on day 6 without experiencing the "BAD ENDING" at least once.

Typ: "yes" if you got the password right away without sseing the bad ending first, on your first playthrough.

Typ: "No" if it's possible put you just missed important clues (like me).

If i don't get any anwser i conclude the the bad ending is nessasary for first (and blind) playthrough.

Yes, Dean wasn't my first choice of route so i expected something to happen and kept and eye out.

I dont think ur expected to figure it out before seeing the bad end for day 6


Thanks Guys.


Oh god... Tf happened to the comment section O_O


Stupid people. 😂



(1 edit) (+2)

God, sex bots really? I was hoping it would be something at least a little entertaining but no just straight sex bots on a gay VN project. Makes sence.




the straights are attacking 😭

So umm im stuck on the password required for day ten pls someone give me a clue about it


After you've failed the password, pay attention to what people say in the aftermath.


Biggest clue is what dave thinks at the vault ''what is the worst case senario''. Its said during day 10.

(6 edits)

I just finished the update...


The scene with Dave hallucinating, thinking he was seeing his dad, when it was actually Tyson made me so happy, but I knew in the same exact moment what it meant was going to happen, and that reduced me to tears. It's officially the first time since I started reading the VN that I've done more than just tearing up a little.

This leads into the second thing I wanted to say. I'd known it for the last SEVERAL updates, and had been waiting patiently for confirmation of it... I knew Roswell was Thanatos' master. There were several things about Roswell that, throughout the story so far, felt strange to me and led to my belief of it.

The fact that Roswell had a condition where he knew he was going to die was one. My guess? He created Thanatos to use what time he still had to help secure answers for Dave's questions about what happened to his dad. After all, if he could keep going back in time, by means of both the vault and Thanatos, maybe he could bring Dave some kind of closure he never got? What better way to use the time you have left than to help a friend with the deepest wound in his heart? Bringing him to the mansion, where he had Thanatos waiting, made sense.

Similarly, but aside from the above point, there was the slowly growing connection between Roswell and Oswin. It went from "Oh, we don't know eachother", with it even being said when you initially question Oswin, to the photo with that message "I love you" that Oswin wanted Dave to give him. I don't know this to be factual (and heck, it probably isn't) but my personal thought is that Oswin was left in charge of Thanatos while Roswell wasn't there, with knowledge that he was coming back because he'd been through it before. And the picture he gives Dave that he asks Roswell to pass along, with the "I love you" message, was meant as a way to say he still cares even despite the fact he's being repeatedly put through this many times. The picture itself told me Roswell was more a part of things than Dave had been led to believe up to that point too.

The biggest clue for me though was Roswell knowing (in what was the path B timeline if I remember right) that Thanatos had baited Dave with the intention to knock him out after he'd handed over the medal. Yes, Thanatos could have just TOLD him that, but given how unhelpful Thanatos had been through the whole story, it seems more likely that Thanatos, at that point in time, was intent on just trying to get to the bottom of things his way, against Roswell's wishes, and Roswell was trying to put a stop to it, but fell short of being able to.

I openly admit a lot of what I've just said sounded a lot better in my head than it did trying to type it out and explain it, but it's around 3:30 in the morning as I'm typing this.

The TL:DR version of it is, for the past three or four updates now, I had figured out Roswell was Thanatos' master, simply because several things about the story left me focused on him during the last few updates, and, the more I did, the more sense it made. Despite knowing now that Roswell is Thanatos' master though, it doesn't make me hate that rat any less. I say this somewhat jokingly, but a part of me is annoyed with Roswell for creating Thanatos with as much of an attitude as he has.

The only other thing that worries me about knowing Roswell is Thanatos' master is the fact that I think I also know why the deaths keep happening too... I don't have a solid answer for that just yet though. Interestingly enough, Dave dying leads to what will tell me whether or not my thought process is correct or not. Especially now that I know Thanatos belongs to Roswell.

(3 edits)

My Guess: (SPOILER, dude.)

Keeping Dave and the rest alive always fails because of the traitor among them. And both Roswell and Thanatos knew this. They can't do anything as long as the traitor among them is hidden.  I played the DEAN Route first and there was one very disturbing vision when Dave was bleeding running through the Wood (day24) but Dean (while holding a gun!) found him, saying prett coldly something like:  So it's you. Instead of "I finally found you!"

On the real Day24 Dave experienced two vision of his Dad while bleeding: The second was obvisoiuly Tyson. The first Dad-version however walked away too fast for Dave to keep up, meaning the first Dad Illusion was potentially Dean who found Dave first but abandended him because he was part of Memphis gang. I also suspected Dean being the potential murderer of Berson because Dean is left-handed. If Dean is the traitor, it also makes somewhat sense for Roswell to kill Dean on Day6; not only to trigger Dave's capabilities but also potentially killing a traitor , if Dave fails with his first password. Basicly a WIN or "at least the traitor is dead" situation. What speaks against Dean being the traitor is Thanatos behaviour towards him. "Keeping his options open". 

I'm definitely curious to see if either of us finds any more info that leads to our theories or thoughts being proven right in the future.

(2 edits)

Well i played a few other routes and the patreon version.... so 


I turns out the MASTER was indeed Roswell and he was behind the murder on day 6 and Benson. Benson let Roswell kill him to save his friends. Pretty obvious in hinsight as Benson is an assasine who cannot be killed by a bunch of halfgrownups except he allowed any of them to murder him. Route A; Also the group agreed to send Dean into the woods (with Oswin) instead of Dave or Roswell. So aside from the sus vision with Dave and Dean (who is holding a gun) in the woods, there is no more evidence towards my traitor theory. Even more disproven; Dean always dies if you fail the password on day 10... 

A nova versão do jogo já está disponível no patreon

I normally don't leave comments, but this story is too good not to leave one. Sincerely wow....just.....wow! This new update hit the feels like no other and I can't wait to see what the next update brings!

I dunno how to get to path b 💀

Basically get all of the passwords and tell everyone about Oz.

thanks dawg


Day 24 was like half an hour long, but I'm EXHAUSTED 


Ah yes... emotions. Time to eat feelings.

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