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You are Dave, a hyena who just finished his final year of schooling along with a few of his friends. What better way to end the school year than to spend it at an all expenses paid stay at a luxury mansion for a whole month? After all, after this month, everyone's going to be moving away to focus on their chosen paths in life, so this is the last time that everyone's going to be together for a long way.

Will romance flourish in the time spent isolated in a mansion, living the high life? Or is this all an elaborate ploy by someone pulling the strings at the mansion itself that just sees the group as a bunch of playthings for something much more sinister? Expect a story full of questions and mysteries as the friends suffer through tragedy, death, and a looming threat that grows ever closer all while trying to remember the nicer times in their lives before everything may come to an abrupt end.

Characters will die, decisions must be made, and shying away from the consequences of such will only make the journey forward harder. Can you change their fate by using the mysterious vault that seemingly wants a password to open? Is this your one salvation to save everyone?


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Updated 23 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tagsadult, Bara, Furry, Gay, Horror, Mystery
Average sessionA few hours


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In Dean's route is he supost to die or is there a way to stop him from dieing. I really want to do his route but every time i go back to stop him from dieing he dies anyway dose someone know how to stop that its so sad. Please someone help me. Please and thankyou.

It depends, dont want to spoil the game for you so you must say on what day he dies for you

Got to say, this game is really good! I think I spent way to much time playing it though, like an obscene amount. I managed to even get all the passwords! The amount of writing is astounding, I'm impressed! Definitely keeping my eye on this! Also, Tyson is awesome!

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Ikr is so fun but is sad no matter what i do dean still dies i cant seem to find how how to stop him from dieing. Ty can be an ass but hes cool

Hello! Just wanted to let the creator know that this game is awesome and i cant wait for the updates. You are doing a great job, keep yourself safe in this wretched times!

Oh. And i am using mobile version, if someone wants to know,  i havent met any disastrous technical problem.

I have played Tyson's route day 10 so much and still cant find the password I think my brain is turning into mush

not 10 it was 7 me and my mush of brain cant even say numbers

please send help

Figuring passwords is easy if you read dialogues very carefull. Asking for an answer is ruining your experience. Goodluck!

thank you this helped me a lot more than I thought it would

i got the password but benson still dies

pls help


Find another password after things have changed, perhaps?

thanks found it from Roswell

Who can give tyson day 10 password tips

if you look through the other comments its been asked a few time already

All right i have found

Lmao I don’t know if I should feel smart for finding it when I revisited the game or dumb for not finding it the first time. °~°


I am so Flipping excited!!! This game is incredible!!! the romance and mystery is so goddamn epic and I can't wait for when this game is fully finished and doesn't leave me on a cliff hanger!!! Finished the Demo and just purchased the game!!

Game over guys I figured it out. I know who de murderer is and why.

It's the skunk from the coffee shop when Dave remembers how he met Dean. Because it's the only incidental character with a sprite. 

He overheard Dave or one of his friends about the trip to the mansion. He always wanted to go to a mansion, and took deep offense when he wasn't invited. Maybe even had feelings for Dave. So he planned his revenge and set a plan in motion to murder everyone. It's painfully obvious.

Lol jk. I jus wanted to ask for a hint for the first password :c the easter egg.

no point, it was mentioned in a lower comment.

Sirnef4 days ago

Is it just me, or does the first secret password no longer work anymore? It seems as though when I enter it, the game crashes, and if I try and click continue, it places me back into the password input.

Grizz4 days ago

Well, it doesn't crash so much as force quits like I'm telling it to. After all, if you know that password, what else did you expect? What was there was a relic from early day testing and in no way was canon.

So the hint is "if you know it, it quits the game"? :v


Is there a password I can enter into the vault to stop Sal from murdering anyone? I've tried looking through the days to figure out any password but I can't find anything. Help

What's the worst thing that could happen? They menioned it even before you can input a password for that day.

When you talk to benson

So Benson says the password on day 10 before you even go to the vault?

Deleted 3 days ago

Wait so I’ve been playing Sal’s route and I was wondering if I was suppose to ask a question to Oswin or should I have remained silent?

Nope. That section is just for world building although there are some clues you can get from questioning him. Nothing vital is missed if you don't ask him anything though.

I feel like I used more than 5 words that make he say some stuff.

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Rio de Janeiro, March 26th 2020

I just reached the last part with Sal.

I feel like all my tears frozen in all those the bad ends I saw until reach the new mattress I got on my bed. I am not sure if I lose my feeling or it is cause the art style.

I just remind my crying and sad in bad end of other furry novels.

I feel like make questions is the most difficult part to figure out.

I think have a shadow in a spot of Sal, left part near shoulder. Is it right?

That part to write a name is to work in the android version?

I feel like I am starting to like Sal.

Hope it work in the next version.

Will there be NSFW content added to Tyson's path? He's really cute and loved his path so far.


NSFW as far as murdery death scenes? Yeah.

NSFW as far as sexually explicit? If it helps tell his character arc, sure.


YES!!! UWU -///-

Is it just me, or does the first secret password no longer work anymore? It seems as though when I enter it, the game crashes, and if I try and click continue, it places me back into the password input.

Well, it doesn't crash so much as force quits like I'm telling it to. After all, if you know that password, what else did you expect?

What was there was a relic from early day testing and in no way was canon.

Why can't I do the Vault for Dean

I got the code an al

Damn wish i have a guide...

And, another question, is there any sort of lewd or nsfw content in this game?


Really? With who?

dean and a bit with tyson

Not really anything with Tyson. You can't see anything and it's mentioned in passing in text but Dean's is explicit.

So i've come to a bump in the road of sorts... I'm stuck on orlando's bad ending. I managed to find his password, or i think i did, i input it into the vault, which led to dave asking Orlando to be extra careful. But he still died, and in the same way. Does orlando have 2 passwords?

Nope. You're just making wrong choices.

Hm, interesting. I'll keep trying to figure it out then


Hm, i can't seem to figure it out. Could you tell me which choices matter in saving Orlando? Or is it just an accumulation of every choice leading up to the moment where you input the password? In that case, could you tell me anything else to help?

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The thing you need to do is look at the decisions you make after putting the password. Basically try everything before you panic at the words (Like i did lmao). 

This. Focus on using the knowledge you got from the password to prevent the death. It'd be unfair if choices before you knew he was about to die determined if you could save him enough. Trust that I've made this as fair as I can without just giving you the answer.

Try to listen to Orlando's words and don't follow him into the vault.

Hi, how important are the dialogue options to move forward through the game? Like when you have to choose to make breakfast or not, di the dishes or leave them there, or who to talk to on the bus on Day 1 (or just go straight to sleep for that matter). They seem like very minor things.

I get that they are there to give details about the characters and the story; I'm asking from a gameplay persepective. I don't think too much about it and just pick what I like, but I wonder if I should put more thought to those choices if they affect the story somehow. Maybe they reveal a password, or something like allowing you to kiss Dean on day 6. 

For the most part they're there to give you more info on the characters before jumping in, at least the Day 1 options.

All the decisions that hold significant weight should be tonally different in how they're presented if they're going to hold something like a password or ongoing narrative consequence outside of just romancing your potential partner.

I think just picking what you like is the most organic way to play this and probably what I'd guess is the most enjoyable experience if you were playing this as a complete product.

well there is a certain choice u need to make before u can kiss dean on day 6. it is one of the first choices u get in dean's route.

False. The conditions on that option are affection plus having done something in a previous scene.

Also False. I literally tried all the diff. choices and only one changed it

I don't think you're in a position to really argue against someone with the source code and that wrote those scenes. :P

Wow, okay. Wasn't expecting this game to be this big. That said, we reaaally need some sort of guide or wiki page for this game.

but a guide would litterally be just the passwords at this point, i suppose you could make it like the old extracurricular activities ones. Day 1 - say cute - tyson +1 like. But the real relationship stuff is only just getting going everything before bensons death is close to a prologue at the moment. Of course that will change in the future grizz is already putting greyed out options in the early days but right now a guide wouldn't really work.

Oh, all the greyed out optioned you can select if you've done the appropriate prerequisites. There aren't any "locked out" options as far as I recall.

As far as guides, I'm working on them slowly and will make them public once they're up to date. Probably in the next couple months or so.

Although a wiki would be neat. My only concern is like... people putting assumptions or false information on there that could mislead people, and that's something I don't have the time to manage alongside everything else.

I am really enjoying game so far but i can't mange to find second password on tyson route , first one was quite easy but now i'm stuck and i have tried everything . Can someone tell me on what day i should seek password or on wich character should i focus to find it . Any kind of help would be gladly accepted

the benson password? its said in the bad end a few times (the bad end where you dont put anything in the vault, theres multiple). the hint i can give you is 'how did benson die?'

If you're struggling, use the first password and go from that point until the end. The password is in there. It's repeated a few times more depending on choices, but the word itself is in there. 


ok i keep on getting the ending wherein benson dies and i get the bad ending even if i save the guys. also the last vault attempt has a password right???

if there is pls tell me, i cant keep on seeing benson die over and over again.

 its said in the bad end a few times (the bad end where you dont put anything in the vault, theres multiple). the hint i can give you is 'how did benson die?'


wait, capital or non???

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not suicide, even dave when he has the vision says 'there's something odd' about it


If you're struggling, use the first password and go from that point until the end. The password is in there. It's repeated a few times more depending on choices, but the word itself is in there.

Uh, am I overthinking it?

I can not figure out the password for day 10 on Ty's route.

I tried so many words...

Where do I find? Like what day? 

Maybe i'm looking in the wrong places...

I feel so dumb, i'm probably overthinking it lol.

You're overthinking it.

My advice is think things through like Dave does at the vault and go from there.

really like the new update!! however there's a bunch of overlapping music in tyson's route that is pretty distracting. other than that nice work!!!

Its a known issue and is fixed in the next build. Incase anyone missed the post when the new build was released grizz would be intrested in knowing what caused it if anyone knows.

oh did not see that! cool glad grizz already knows

Is there a password for the 10th day or not? I played days 8 and 9 and I couldn't manage to find the password :(

you get the password on the same day before you use the vault

Eventually got it thanks. :D


what is it???

i still cant find it

pls help


I've only played a bit of Tyson's route, but this one is sooooo much more in-depth than I ever would've thought it would be. Like Holy fucking shit, there needs to be a guide or something. I know it's no where near finished, but from getting two completely different *BAD* endings just playing the same route, tells me there is and will be so much more to this story. Honestly at this point, I'd near call it a game.


guys please tell me that there is a password for day 10-11 on tyson's route

yes there is, pretty much if someone dies there's a password for it. At least at the moment that's the case could change in future

Is there a way for dean to stay alive ? And if there is how?

Your hint is the name of the game. :P


Nevermind I went through the days again and I finally found it. It was painfully obvious

What days do i have to go back to because i'm stuck

What Dave considers in front of the vault is your clue as to what you should be thinking about. Especially if you've seen what happens if you don't put it in.

That said, you shouldn't be stuck. The game continues regardless of if you put in a password or not.

So I'm finally reading through the rewritten first days and Dean mentioned something about 'not looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever'. I was under the assumption he was gay, is he though?

He could be bi for all we know

thought deans bi, think he said it while talking to the MC in the greenhouse at some point though I could be misremembering

Hmm. Hopefully Grizzly replies (and hopefully confirms him as gay xD)

what difference does it make? I mean he still likes guys but I'm sure there's a convo in the greenhouse between the MC and dean where the MC talks about being gay and I think dean mentions he's bi, but again could be false memories.

Hm. Anyone wanna either confirm or refute that? Don't wanna read all the way to that point just to find out you're right.

As far as who's come out as what sexuality:
- Dave (Gay)
- Orlando (Gay)
- Hoss (Bisexual)
- Tyson (Not Gay Apparently)

Dean hasn't specified where his preferences lie in-game.

I got the password at the end ;w;(I use all the word that I written down in my note)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT IS! I haven't been taking notes too often, and 


So I went Tyson's route, and at day 11, When I am at the vault, I am supposed to decide whether Sal or Benson was the killer. It says something about a pattern, and I haven't been taking notes... I am supposed to enter a password, but I don't know what it is... I tried things like 'sleep', 'bed', 'mind control' and stuff, but it didn't work. Can you tell me the password please?


the password is given on that day and is said twice, if your not taking notes just replay the day and keep an eye out

can you tell me in with scene  or something because in day 11 is good hint but doesnt help?

and is it better to keep Oz (oswan i thing)secret or tell then?


I kept oz a secret, best I can do without being too obvious about it is pay attention to Benson and what it says at the vault. The 'what's the worst possible outcome' is a good hint after speaking with Benson.

OMG are you kidding me? i got it before but wrote password wrong wow PS thanks

Thank you so much yo! I got the password! 


cant find it.

pls help

Do you want me to just say it?

When i choose what is writen on the coffee how many choices are there and on vault with tyson i can only choose to write something or  nothing right?(no secret?)

what day are you playing if day 10 there is a password you can put in the vault


Coffee - At the moment, all the cast have unique reactions. Patrons will also be getting their names in there over time potentially too.

Tyson - If we're talking Day 1 Vault? Yes, there's one as an easter egg.

Mystery at always =3

And that easter egg would be password to open the vault right?

It's a password, but uh... Well if you get it right, you'll know what it does.

Okay idk why but i can not download the game on my laptop still ;-;.Can anyone help please ?

Gimme a couple minutes and I'll put the new version up.

It is working now,thankyou very much

I really love password so im really looking forward for the next public update any idea when i should expect it to come out Grizz?

15th of every month!

Could u make this game for android too plz

I'm looking into supporting Android in the future, but as of right now it's not working properly.

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Guys, if it will help to keep your interest and attention on this game I can help anyone that needs the password or passwords that I have unlocked. I mean if you are just interested in the story but have no time to invest into finding out what the passwords are, PM me.  This game is not for everyone, as not everyone likes solving puzzles, but many people I know, loved this game and story, just that were really stuck and could not find the passwords no matter what and in the end they would just abandon this great VN.

Do you know how many passwords are currently in the game? I'd like to crack them myself, but knowing how many there are would help a lot. 

10 i believe, mite be a few more that are just easter eggs, that can be entered into the vault before day 6 but im not certain.

(3 edits)

Exactly, the game does have easter eggs, but according to the actual storyline, I would say that there is 1 password for each character that you wish to save, so we have 1 for Benson, Ty, Dean etc.....


You need to find 2 passwords in order to save Benson, remember that saving Benson is the key of being able to move forward in some of the currently avaible routes, such like Ty's and Dean's. The first password will allow certain conversations to take place, where a keyword will be repeated, that's the one that will allow you to save Benson. 

Again... you don't actually need all of the passwords. Just focus on the character whose route want to play. Like Ty.... YES I FUCKING LOVE TY LOL.

Deleted 24 days ago

I'm really not used to using itch.io. You can... Pm on Facebook, my user is Aion Roxas, my profile pic is an image of the Milky Way

Deleted 24 days ago

Sorry I don't have any Pm on facebook

Deleted 24 days ago
Deleted 24 days ago

Can you please tell me how to obtain Bensons passwords? I think I found one but it's most likely not it.(a gun)

Sure, Pm in itch.io or leave me a message at my facebook "Aion Roxas"

Could you answer something for me? I played Orlando's route and got the password during his bad end on day 7. When I went back and entered it, I still got the bad end. Is there a different password I need?

Uh...well the thing is that first you need to prevent your Route option from Dying, then you HAVE TO save Benson in order for the real route to continue. Not all of the routes are currently long, I think the ones where you can advance the most are Ty's and Dean's.

a0.18, which comes out in 4 days, will have Dean and Tyson updates. 

Otherwise every route terminates on Day 9.


(2 edits) (+1)

I LOVED this game, I hope we can get all 30 days or however long the final full game will be. I'll get a Patreon account just for Grizz and this game, I really want the full game lol. Is the game for Patreon supporters longer (more routes, days, dialogues, cgi, sprites, etc)? How many passwords are in the game in it's current free release? and Are there more in the Patreon's update?


I have some questions :3 maybe someone can give me a tip or hint.

I found out that there are two passwords for Benson's day. Is there any other day with more than 1 password? Which one(s)? And any hint for the password on day 1? Just a hint T.T 

(1 edit)

benson has 3, 2 wrong 1 right,

patreons are one build infront of the public build, the next public build will be the next day for tyson and dean and thats the one patreons curently have.

3?!?!  T_T

Took me 4 replays to find 2. Although I like the difficulty.

(1 edit)

yep the bad end is actually in two parts or at least there parallel to each other, and each has their own password. 

I only realised when looking in the tiding of doom gallery and noticed another blank box after bensons, since there wasn't a password after that at the time i fiddled around with bensons vault again.

(2 edits)

Hey can someone tell me how can i kiss Dean on day 6 please ? I tried everything I could think of .  Because Before entering the hot thub you have two options : to enter it or to kiss Dean. But the latter is shadowed like it is not available . 

It's available, you just need to make different choices. That option is unlocked if you've already kissed him before that point, namely in the hot tub scene the night before.

Good luck!

Ok, I'm desperate. How to keep Ty alive?! It's like no matter what I do, he dies! What I'm doing wrong?

the password you need is in the bad ending, you need to use it on the vault the day before he dies. the password should stand out from other words.

You have to enter the password in the vault the day before, his and Dean's are the only passwords highlighted in the game I think. You find them after getting their bad ending, it would be very difficult to guess them before that tbh. 

So, there is no way to get Ty's good endindg at first walkthro? 

nope its intended for you to fail in order to progres

I wonder. What would happen if Dave got a password that showed him his death. How would he react to it? In fact what if someone like Roswell got somebody else's password!?

There are so many things that could happen! 

Also why do I find Dave playing video games with Orlando so bloody wholesome.

I know! when Orlando says he used the vault too and saw Dave's death I was expecting more explanations about it. Like Orlando already "saved" Dave the same way Dave saved the others? Or is he still in danger? They just mentioned it once. 

you're in luck it does go into more depth later, im more anoyed that Oz doesn't seem to know or care that orlando has apparently used the vault. Tho that could be the codeing making him give a generic answer if the word vault is used, not sure about that part.

(4 edits)

Ok first of all great work Grizz as this is such a great furry vn, I specially love Tyson route , my absolutely fav character. Kudos for being able to manage and achieve a good balance between, mistery , romance and sexual themes, at first playing this feels like any other furry vn until you realize the plot won't be about a super sexualised bunch of characters that only want to fuck with the Mc  making it absolutely so obvious by constantly puking sex innuendos out  and lewd flirting , this vn doesn't feel that cringy at all. One tiny little detail I might complain about are the sprites of the characters, specially Tyson's, what I mean is that his body for example when seen from a frontal of point is kind of disproportionate compared to the  CGI where his body can be seen from other angles, this is even more noticeable when you compare it to the car CGI.This vn is of course still in very early stages of development so I know for sure it will just get better and better.

Now there's something that's been bothering me for a while.... and that is the attitude some players are showing towards those who still can't find the way of saving Benson. Some people in the comments are complaining about how is it possible for players to be so dumb when the answer is so clear... well NO, I have to say that of course this vn isn't the most fucking difficult game ever made, but the password that allows you to save Benson is not that obvious either. In fact some players are claiming that the "word " is constantly being repeated by all of the characters, well that is some big BS. Now, you want to save Benson? Pay attention to the dialogue of course, but dont expect for the characters to be constantly repeating a KEY word that it will finally end up acting as a subliminal message so that you are conditioned to guess the password LOL, it is indeed a key word and it is an important one, but it is not THAT OBVIOUS AT ALL, in fact there are many more words that the characters are constantly repeating and that would make more sense for one of those to be the actual password if the premise of "THE PASSWORD IS A WORD THAT IS BEING CONSTANTLY SAID BY THE CHARACTERS " were true. 

So please people that have saved Benson, stop trying to make new players or those that still haven't figured out how to save Benson feel as if they were tards. 

PS: Btw if you like the storyline so much then you must absolutely play the ZERO SCAPE  trylogy of japanese visual novels.

(1 edit)

new sprites are in the works -https://www.patreon.com/posts/sprite-reworks-29670294

think there being done on the side along with the updates and will eventually be released with a full overhaul. New sprites will be in the same form and quality as Bensons

Well those look great! This will improve the playing experience sooo much

Can confirm, I've been working on them in the background while I've been pushing out updates so that when I can swap them out, they all get swapped out together for the sake of consistency. 

I wouldn't compare it to Benson's though, as his isn't quite finished, nor is Oz's, but with a bit of shading they'd be about right. I can't say when they're going to be ready as honestly I don't know, but at this stage I'm pushing to have them in the overhaul around April, maybe May depending on how far along the UI is by that time.

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