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OK! I am an emotional wreck right now! went playing though purposefully avoiding reading comments and much of the description (saw art on twitter and had to play <3 ) and got the bad dean ending and I felt like I just got stabbed! I was expecting a chill dating sim type thing I've seen a million times not actual story with heavy choices! this is very well done so far and I very much approve! though my heart hates you a bit... I'm so invested and I didn't even know I liked this type of thing!

Well, there were three warning screens when you started playing the game, so... If you skipped through that's on you. :P

That said, the goal was to make something that punctuated the actual good times with bad things to make it feel like you earned them more, or at the very least give them bigger impact. Either way, glad you discovered something new to enjoy!

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Hmm...y’know I know this seems to early for theories but honestly I kinda want to do this now since it been bugging me. This might contain some spoilers.

So probably picking a certain person might change the murderer, since I remember one of Grizz’s messages did say it’s possible to be in a relationship with each and everyone of them, but if it doesn’t change the murderer then honestly I would put Sal or Dean up there to be the murderer. I can’t assume they got possess or something to cause suicide since some of these deaths doesn’t make sense to be suicide (especially Tyson’s) and well Sal’s and Dean’s ending wasn’t really murder but more suicide seeing the evidence there to how it seems to happen. Mostly think Dean the murderer in my opinion that is, people can disagree which I’m fine with since it’s a theory and kinda wanna put it out there. (Sorry if I comment too much it just this visual novel is so unique and cool!)

 I think it’s everyone but I don't think there aware of what they’re doing almost as if there being controlled.  I think this because of how you find Sal wondering the halls before you can save him. It may have been because of what Dean gave him but it also seemed off in some other way. But that's not all if you pay attention you can pick up hints from the other suggesting that regardless of who you try to date it seems like the same events are still happening to them. Sal jumps when Dean says beary the hatchet and if you play through Sals route you wold know why that scared him. That being said I think Sal was supposed to kill Roswell and I think Dean is supposed to kill you or Tyson and I think you as the player are the one that kill the person on day 8 because you where outside your sound proof room you should have heard what happend but you don't. That’s the only 3 I can really link right now. Sal and Orlandos route seem to give me the most info right now. 

who dies on day 8? you mean day 7 cause no one dies day 8 as far as I can tell

Have you actually gotten to Day 8? Because it's pretty hard to miss it on your first playthrough.

I can't find it....I keep getting bad end even though its not in redddd >.< stressful

wait I found it.....idk how I just typed random words I read omg. the feeling of relief is so damn good >.<

but I still got bad end? someone help.

what is the ending you are seeing

You used a password, but something changed, right? It might be a good idea to investigate the parts that changed for something else you could try.

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I may have just missed the correct sequence of choices, but it appears it is *not* possible to go to the vault on... the second important day... if the password on the first important day was both correct and relevant? (Trying to word this without revealing too much :P -- then again I could be missing more than I know, which would make this description not useful to you either)

This is one of the best visual novel there is!!! And even tho I been through all 6 routes (except can’t past the benson ending) I actually quite enjoy each and every single one (espectually liking the Tyson route) and tbh my favorite part is that it isn’t a full on gay novel, which of course every character is either gay or bi probably, but I meant as in it isn’t straight out there, it’s practically showing real life and how these relationships don’t just happen but happen from the main character’s past which led up to this and everything (Altho I am curious about Dave’s password is and kinda hope I can find that in orlando’s Route somewhere)

Hello, I really really enjoy the game but I keep getting stuck on "Benson" bad ending. everyone else is alive and I have most of the passwords(I believe for everyone but him if he has one) but once get to day 8, he keeps showing up with and the bed ending... I'm having real hard time getting through it. Any clues or advice to this???


It's kind of hard to find so here is a little advice:

First, it's none of the red words it's written normal. Second, think what all the other passwords have in common. And last it's hidden somewhere after his...accident. I don't wanna say more, good luck and have fun, it isn't as difficult as it sounds ^-^

Hold on there’s actually more after benson’s ending? Well frik sneaky and clever play by the creators.

Gotta ask tho do we see the word using one of the two passwords or do we see the word without using neither of the passwords? Sorry for the question, not asking for what it is since it’s better hard working it just that when you use either password to (SPOILER!!!!!!)

Save the other one then you get two choices of revealing or staying quiet (even tho either ends with benson’s ending)

I would recommend investigating what changes when you use a password. You might find you'll find additional hints or clues despite the problem at hand not necessarily having been solved. Always see the tragedies through to the end.

Ok so after investigating holy moly I found it!!! Btw it is not the word investigating as I just wrote the possible words that stick out the most and found it! Altho once I’m done with work I gotta check out how in the world I could save the Otter, since well...last time hearing about him was the maze clue (which tbh I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler since it’s vague) so I got zero clue if he’s truly alive once I go through the day finding out from the vault that Benson is gonna die or is already dead.

Hello again and thank gods I found it as well... It was kinda tricky for me but I went like, "OOOH!!!" when I did find it lol... LOVE this game!! I am a patreon of this now so I can't wait for the next update!!

i have one but it still give me bad end :(

Wish I could say the word but it be spoiling.

Tbh to be specific you could only find the true password to stop the ending by using one of the passwords that stops the tragic outcome after you discover the body.

Then in the neighborhood scene one of the words Roswal says will be the password (idk if being quiet or revealing changes the outcome since I found it first try, doesn’t mean I input it first nope I wrote all the words that seemed out of place for him to say and used each one until I got the last one correct.)

guess i will try everything words i assume is the password till i find out then.

oof i got it lol :)

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This is getting even more interesting than it already was. Starting to realize you actually need to play multiple routes to know exactly what's going on, not just the same route multiple times (which of course is necessary for the game to work at all).

Okay, this is actually the best visual novel I've ever played. The writing is amazing; this is the first time I've ever liked all of the dateable characters. And it's not just the characters, but the actions and dialogue too.

I've played all the routes right up until the End of Demo points, and I can say: I loved every one of them.

My favorite character is Orlando, of course, but even saying that feels wrong, as all of the other characters were just as great! Also, I must say, all of the designs were really cute. Even the random barista that only was only on screen for five seconds.

I can't wait to see more!

Played the newest update and i love this game. The characters are all in their own way cool (Orlando is by now my favorite) and the story is soooo good. It's exciting and mysterious to find the passwords and to be honest i needed much time to find the one that saves all till the end. Thank you for this absolute briliant experience and please keep up the good work ^-^

I really love the game,now i am your fan number one from Brazil, please continue the development, your work is awesome!

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Loving the game and characters so far. My only problem is with Tyson. Is there a way (or can you add a way?) For us to not get punched in the face while trying to stop him? To me it portrays that he would end up also being abusive in a relationship. Also the main character knew his father is abusing him and yet didn't help at all? Did he at least try to say he would help? 

I am assuming that you are going to have us(/main character) help him through accepting he is bi or gay or whatever he may be. I like him mostly except for the punch and of course the coercen which did stop before it got too far at least. Thanks for the good game!

Edit: This of course is me assuming that they will end up in a relationship at the good endings. Which they may not.

Adding a way would be easy, but doing so would take away a flaw in Tyson's character. He's not supposed to be the perfect boyfriend and the abusive behaviour is intentional. As far as the circumstances surrounding his relationship with his father, it comes up more later in his route. After all, it's all still early days.

As far as ending up in a relationship, it's completely optional for every route. You're not forced into a relationship unless you're actively trying to 100% woo them, because some people are just legit better off as friends.

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Thanks for the reply! I personally don't think it would take away the flaw entirely however it is of course your own work and vision.

I hope we can help him with the situation with his dad. Also I hope it won't romantise abuse at the end of his good route. So far it hasn't romantised it which is good to me. I am personally not triggered (As in actual mental health and not internet meme) by the punch from him (still a bit distressing but nothing major!) but other victims might be.  I don't think I will persue him anymore unless you need a password to save him in a later update in someone elses route.  Loving the rest of the characters though. Dean and Sal are my favourite so far!

Sorry for the sorta of negative comments. I just wanted to mention it. 

Edit: added "good" to "the end of his route".

It's all good! A lot of the writing keeps these things in mind as, especially in media, things that are romanticised probably shouldn't be. Tyson is a good example of this in a few cases in what we have in the build currently; actions that aren't good and shouldn't be readily be forgiven. But obviously the theme of change gets brought up often enough that you might be able to see how you can get through things and become a better person at the end. That's the goal anyway.

Every character gets the same treatment, even Dave. It just manifests in different ways. Trust me though when say that coupled with what I went through and talking to professionals in their respective fields, I've done my research on how to do this properly. 

That makes me really happy to hear. Really glad that you put thought into it. Maybe if I hear later on that Tyson's behaviour has changed for the better then I might try to return to him but right now for myself I don't think I will. 

Thanks for the great game and for being friendly! 

P.S. Can't wait for the sprite reworks. They are looking really good so far!

This game is amazing. It took me a long time to find Ben's password.


So quick question, is there a good ending with this update or not yet? Just asking to save hours of searching thinking I missed something? Also sorry if I'm spoiling in this question.


There's no ending as such because it's only day 7. If you're talking about keeping everyone alive then yes, that's possible.

yeah that's what I meant sorry

this game's concept is PHENOMENAL 
i was completely blow away how the story is structured
a game that boldly encourages scum saving haha i love it so much 10/10 can't wait for full release. what you have here is a masterpiece thus far very gripping and chilling narrative <3

i just got to the end of the demo 2 thing.

1. i love this game so much i hope you update it soon 

and 2. you did a  really good job so fair again really hope you up date it soon :) 

i have problems getting the 4th image with tyson can someone tell me a clue?

Tyson has only 3 CGs so far. The 4th slot there is caused by a bug

Sorry if this is confusing, but this is my "NEW" account because I was stupid enough to spell my email wrong. sorry

I love this game and i can wait for next update i need to know what going happen next

Hey. So, ummmm..... I need some help.

omg i'm so upset... i tried to get as close as possible to Dean and before things can really escalate, he dies :'(. is there anyway you can end with him still being alive and your character still attempting dating him?

Yup! There's a way! Think back on what options you have available and you might find that there's one last option you've got to use to stop him from dying. Good luck!

Alright, thank you so much!

I finally found it, thank you so much! And i must say, i love this visual novel so much, it's honestly the most heartwarming story I've ever read and i can't wait for the next update. May i ask when you usually update the novel? And keep up the great work please, i really wanna know what happens between the main character and Dean❤❤🥰

15th of every month! Patrons get access to the build a month in advance and then the public build comes out on here and also on the Patreon page.

Next update is the entirety of Day 7!

I need help SW. It seems I have am having problems with the dean route. even though i used the password he still dies. PLZ HLP );

You're using the wrong password. :P

Hm... I think the update created another Orlando bug. I don't think it's supposed to be continuing past day 6 yet, since you say it's done until day 6, not day 7. But it continues to the end, and the correct password doesn't actually change the ending.

As in, you're getting an end of demo screen and it continues anyway? Unless that's the case, there should be no issues.

No, I don't get an end of demo screen at all. It continues to the bad ending after entering the password.

Then my clue to you is this: Think back to the decisions you could make when you didn't have the password and go from there.

Ah, I got it. I was doing the right thing at the wrong time, which I didn't realize was possible :P Or maybe it wasn't possible on the other routes.

Omg i love this game!!! There so many  I have a question for the creator.

Will there be sex scenes with cherthers? I hope so : )

That's... a tough one for sure. At this stage it could go either way! Depends what the patrons want more I guess. :D

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I have 2 questions 1. what is the fourth cg for tyson or how to get it 2. if there is code to the vault that work but in future  .( sorry for bad  english  )

1. I've heard talk about this, and I'm fairly certain that's just an error on my part. It might just be a placeholder or something for a0.12, but it's fixed in the next build.

2. If you found something that works, might be best to remember it. Could come in handy in the future. ;)


I tried the game and I really like it. I also like how bad endings are a requirement despite how sad they are in order to get the passwords. Hope the full version comes out soon!

omfg i want more of tyson hes so cute, your doind such an amazing job keep up the amazing work

This is the best VN I've ever played. I found all the passwords, went as far as I could. But... WHERE IS MY ORLANDO ROUTE. The game left a lot of pleasant feelings, I will wait for further updates. (Google translate Rus > Eng)

Orlando route? Goes live in about 5 days! :D

This game is great. I need more moments with Ty though

Whats the password T^T

It is a bit spoilery but pay close attention to red words and what day. You will want to use saves often since bad endings are neccessary.

Oh I found one  on the wolf day ill look out for more and  thank you !

I never expected something so new to be so good. Can't wait to see more of this!

Also, it should be illegal for Roswell to be so cute.

I love this game so much. However when it comes to learning the tips at the end, I still find myself at a loss for solving them. I feel like I'm overthinking the hints. I'm wondering if there's a specific choice to make or a specific sequence of choices?

Nothing that complicated for the first round. Take what you learn from the bad endings and see what you can do with that information on an earlier day. Remember, you actively don't want your friends to die, so intervene when possible.


I just found this game yesterday, and I have to say that I'm already in love with it. It's rare for me to find a game where I genuinely enjoy the entire cast, but this is the case here. All of the characters are believable and multi-faceted. And adorable. (Though I have soft spots for Dean, Orlando, and Tyson especially.)

The gameplay gimmick was very well conceived. I love how it really makes you invested in wanting to keep these characters alive. After seeing a bad end for the first time (in my case, Dean's) I found myself jumping right back in, filled with determination to save him.

There's something really special here. Please, keep up the good work!

I've never been more devistated when bad things constantly happen

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This vn is very unique. I love the characters and art/Sal is my favorite character. It reminds me of final destination but even better imo. There is not much furry horror vn out there Definitely my favorite vn. One thing I would  recommend doing to help people find this vn on here is put "Furry" on the tags.

Do give this VN a try, it's one of the best projects currently in the works, it's very well written, intriguing and with a cast of lovable characters, and it definitely stands out for its mystery element and gameplay gimmick involved in it, which just reaffirms how well thought out the plot is.

Somehow I seem to only be able to get bad endings so far... Clearly I'm doing something wrong but I'm not sure what it is or at what stage of the game. How early can bad endings be triggered?

If you do nothing, you'll be locked into bad ends. My advice would be to pay attention to what information can be gotten by seeing the bad ends all the way through, Then, see how you could use that information in a second playthrough.

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I haven't really gotten any information. I'm actually not entirely sure what the goal is. The password and dating aspects seem to be completely separate and parallel to me, but maybe I just haven't gotten far enough for the link to be apparent.

It's also supposed to be a murder mystery, and both deaths I've seen so far appear to be suicides, so... I'm definitely missing something.

...Ok well the hint in Tyson's route was a lot more obvious, so I got that one... but I think the main issue is I've literally never played a game that works like that, so I was completely not expecting that functionality to exist.

Are you still having trouble finding the other "hints"? It should be fairly obvious once you figure out one.

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I'm getting them now. Haven't done all the routes yet, though.

Though... I'm even more confused with Orlando's route, since I apparently "saved" him... without entering any passwords at all. Like he doesn't even have a bad ending. Maybe a coding error?

I do have a savepoint right before the character choice that I've been using for multiple routes, but I don't *think* there's any password entered there, and if there is it's definitely not specific to Orlando. And it would have to be pretty early.

Orlando's route currently ends in the middle of day 6 in the version you have. In order to get the rest of day 6 and 7, you would have the be playing the patreon exclusive version which will be released for the public next month on the 15th.


One of the most thought out VNs I have seen in a while. 10/10 purely for the amount of potential this VN has.

Art is adorable without every character being overly sexualized like they are in so many VNs nowadays. Characters are all equally fleshed out, each with their own distinctive quirks and personalities. Writing is great and while it does seem to contain certain tropes, it is in no way cliche.

If you haven't given this VN a try, I hope you do. It is incredible for something so early in the works.

Fantastic! looking forward to when the full thing will be released! 

10/10 worth your time                                                                                   (and later, most likely worth your money if they sell it at a later date)


Really good game! I'm excited to see where this goes <3

Will there ever be a walkthrough?


There's been request for them, and they're on the list of things to do soon. Granted, at the moment there isn't all that much to miss just yet, but guides will exist at some point.

Okay thanks :)

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It is an AMAZING Visual novel uwu' you must try it!

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