Password Beta Release (b0.7)


  • Completion of Path A (+Epilogue)
  • New Track added to Music Room
  • Additional CGs added to Gallery


  • This build will be the final publicly available build

So here it is, we're finally in beta. First pass of the story is done, and with it the completion of Password's story. You can go through all of Path A and should you fulfil the requirements, proceed onto the true ending. You will need a complete run of Path A, a complete run of Path B, and some other pick-ups here and there for the rest of the requirements, which should be obvious once you've seen what the game asks of you.

It's been a blast working on this and seeing everyone get excited update to update has been a pleasure. For those of you that have been enjoying the public builds to date, I hope you've enjoyed what you've been able to experience and hope you consider picking up the game when it fully releases.


password.demo.patron-700-universal-release.apk 219 MB
Mar 15, 2023 204 MB
Mar 15, 2023
PASSWORD-b0.7-linux.tar.bz2 210 MB
Mar 15, 2023 239 MB
Mar 15, 2023

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Enjoying this VN I really like the theme. 
Just wanted to point out a couple things. 

The pool background has 2 human heads in the pool, could edit with a Sal peeking out of the water. 
In the story I noticed "games room" was said, where I live it's called a "gameroom" if ya wanna edit that I thought I'd point it out. 
Only did 2 routes so far and working on 3d. 

Is Hoss's route fully available here on itch???

I've been wanting to play his route...

Yup. It's a complete route.

Sweetm thx

So I've been playing Hoss's route and I've been LOVING it so far!!❤️❤️

My only question is: so I know Dean and I think maybe Tyson has one, but when the official release of the game comes out, is Hoss also going to have his own little.... NSFW moment?? I'm curious....


As it exists on current patch for Patrons, I think the explicit stuff is a tasteful fade to black mostly to keep people focused on the more mystery aspects of the game rather than reading it and expecting smut as a payoff. I've written hypothetical smut for the places it would take place for a couple of the characters as a side thing, but nothing like that is planned for full release.

Ah, makes sense! Thx!!


do you plan on releasing the full game on steam when its ready


I do!

Are there any approximate dates of full release? Thinking if I should wait for it on steam or play right now.


Nothing concrete. Art is currently in the process of being developed and when all the sprites are done they'll be implemented in the version Patreon folks have access to. I imagine at that point I'll throw it up on Steam, but there's no telling when the sprites will be finished just yet.

So is this game finished or not?...


It's in beta. I still have typos to fix and art to adjust, but essentially yes. At least as far as free access.

And what bonuses there are for a paid access? Are there any extra story content there?


Patrons will continue to receive adjustments to the story as its refined, the new art as its added, and epilogue scenarios for the cast. As of right now though, the versions are the same.

oh, i see thanks. Im liking this game so Im plan to beacome a patron myself and those are good incentives for that


I can't wait to pay money for this game! been here for awhile and i love every moment of the story, the hardships and characters and an overly murderous yet charismatic looking antagonist... it's a wonderful piece of art.

So, will there be a paid version in the future?


In beta? Will there be more updates?


This is the final public build.


is the 13th medal supposed to be found?


nope, but once you find all 12 after that run through youll be taken to a completely new path


damn i feel nostalgic, its been so long since the beginning of this, i remember i started reading this when it only had 10 days, its been so long since then, i feel like i grew along with this story, i really want to thank you for creating this and teaching me so much


Haaaaaaah... time to go through more mental panic.
I applaud you, Password team. Thanks for everything.


well I haven't read password in a while but I know I am going to miss it until you do the final release of the story whenever that maybe but from what I read my two favorite routes are Tyson and Orlando but after that Dean can't wait to see the pictures complete and also can't wait to see what you have planned for your next project

I must say, Grizz, this was a heck of a story. Unfortunately, it seems I'm one medal shy of what I'm guessing is the true ending, and I have no idea where to find it, but, even still, this was a great story regardless, and I'm glad I started reading this one.


Which one are you missing

I was missing Gemini, but I got help figuring out where it was. 


The whole 13th medal thing had me thinking I missed something else though.


Holyyy. This legitimately made me feel emotional. What a journey it has been. Truly. Well done! Felt like I grew up together with the story

CRIKEY! This has been a blast! I remember my Orlando Theory, and I am still stumped that I was wrong :(

It was a journey following the development of this project. It was truly a pleasure to see the end product

This will always be my favorite Vn.

Wow, that's some turn of fate. Finished the previous version of the demo today and just when I was wondering what paths were complete and what the ETA would look like, boom! You come up with the ending. Been a blast so far! Excited to see the rest of it, with all the smiles and tugs of agony!

I'm glad to see an end to this, uh, that might sound bad, but I mean that in the best way possible! I was so invested in all of this that I wanted to finish it!

How do you start Path A? My old saves are all Path ???


pretty sure that just means you haven't gotten far enough in the story for a path to be "chosen" to say

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