Regarding a0.14

So a few people might be wondering where a0.14 might be.

Simply put it's on hold. There were some very mixed opinions on how good the update was to the point of it getting a bit of flack from patrons as well as being leaked to the public early. It was also buggy, making things worse. As I'm sure you can imagine what might be coming up, the next section is a lot more interactive so bugs are bound to show up. It'll also be the section that I keep working on over time and improving, so I'd recommend having a save there just as a means to easily access the content again.

But as far as when the next thing will come out, you'll be skipping ahead to a0.15, in about 2 weeks. Or if it's easier, November 30th.

In addition to this, I have a feedback form now!

If you have the time to fill it out, it'd give me a better idea on how to make this better. I'll likely end up attaching it in some form directly into the game in future, but if you have thoughts on the game, this is a way to let me know! Alternatively, direct messaging anywhere I exist is fine too.

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Does sound and music exist in the game ? I just downloaded and there is nothing of the sort :[ 

It does! It's just really quiet in some cases. Don't worry, I'm fixing it in a few builds when the OST itself is a bit more fleshed out.

How many days will be added to the a0.15 update?

It'll be day 9 for Tyson, Hoss and Sal at this point.

Depending on what assets I can smash out, it could be Orlando and Dean as well.


I always say Quality over Quantity its better if there's a bit of a wait for the next update if that means the overall quality will be better

ok I don't mind the wait 2 weeks afterall making NV is not easy

I honestly wouldn't mind the wait. I love this VN with all my heart

thank you for the warning and I hope development gets smoother