a0.15 Release

And here's part 2 of Day 8!

So this was very hit and miss with people when it first came out but it's still something I'm working on and patching as I find more bugs. If you're struggling with getting any information out of him, remember to ask him actual questions; he's not Google after all. If you run into problems, feel free to use this form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ftu0A1GD4irXwrP5S8uHdJik-3T4KZvwWPI6Xf2t2Zc/edit?usp=sharing

Beyond that, there's Day 9 for Hoss, Tyson and Sal! Enjoy!

Also, this will be the last update for the year. Next public update will happen on January 15th!

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Here i was, reading while listening to jojo ops, and then day 9 with hoss. In just 10 minutes he became a frecking S tier character for me.


small issue in the hoss route near the end with the hot cocoa his line is said by MC "Gee, the vote of confidence Blank. I'm able to do stuff in the kitchen too."


Ah yes. Good pick up. I'll fix it on my end. Thanks!

Oh my, I haven't expected a Madoka Magica reference!, I really look foward to what's coming next ^ ^


You have no idea how hard I laughed when I saw a jojo reference in this build! X

i really in help how to play the game


just as i'm about to go to turnmy laptop off you do a update now i have to play this and see what happens :)


I know right xD


I'm sorry! I slept in a little bit and uploaded it over lunch! :'D


All gud, always, everyone needs to sleep :p

im not complaining ive been waiting to see what happens t#so im happy :)