a0.16 Release

Hope everyone had a good holiday season!

First public update of the new year rounds out the cast updates with Dean, Orlando and Roswell Day 9. There are a couple other changes too, mostly the coloured names as requested by streamers to assist in differentiating who's talking and I coloured both the shower CGs.

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Hello oof I have been having trouble and im stuck on benson bad end oof I have looked through various parts of the story trying to think of a password and it hasn't came to me for benson,  I am pretty sure it's something said in the dialogue, but im having a hard time pinpointing it. If im finding a word how would it stand out to me or another person? The game is great and i haven't played a game like this before involving a murder mystery. 🤔 I hope that the development of this game goes great!!

You're right in that it's something said in dialogue but focus only on what's changed. Everything you need for Benson's scenario is given to you on that day.


oh man .. i dont know what to do