a0.17 Release

- Day 1 (Rework)
- Day 2 (Rework)
- Day 3 (Rework)
- Day 4 (Rework - Partial)
- Day 5 (Rework - Partial) 

Went and essentially rewrote all of the earlier days to bring them up to par as far as quality. Also had to balance out screen time and also make a few things clearer as far as characterization and bring some of the less popular characters into the spotlight.

The biggest change however, and this was decided upon based on feedback received, is that the MC's canon name is now the only option you have moving forward. There is still support for legacy save files so your old saves will still work, but starting a new name will lock Dave's name in as just that.


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So, apperantly, I can't download this version through the itch.io app...

aw i like being able to choose the name but since only one person dont count i guess i will have to delete my save files and letting just the first one so i can stay with my name

again awesome visual novel i really looking forward for more of tyson

tyson is cute owo

ikr, he is awesome

i'm more of a sal guy i am

Sal is my second Orlando is my guy but there both pretty grate it was hard to choose just one.

Orlando not that bad i'm thinking when day 6-7 i'll start doing save's for all of them but keep the sal one with as my first save who do you think i go for next?

i like picking my own name as well so that's 2 

Hey do you guys have discord? I have something for 2

i do

Same I like being able to name the MC it allows me to place myself I  the story in a since. This is honestly kind of disappointing.


Exactly,like if they wanted that much to have the character with its original bame they could just had pressed enter

I'm assuming Grizz did this to make future writing easier some how but honestly taking away a feature in a game is almost never a good idea unless its horrible broken. I can't think of why the feedback would think this was a good idea. I'll give it a try but honestly I'm not sure if I can connect with the other  characters as much now that the MC is not meant to be me. It will no longer be Orlando and me it will be Dave and Orlando. Guiding the main character and being the main character have completely different feels to them.

Making future writing easier was a happy upside to this change. 

The main thing that stood out in terms of feedback about the want of Dave being canonized and unchangeable stemmed mostly from how he responds to things, the fact that his dad's death is a very big thing for his character arc, and that he explicitly appears as himself in CGs. Not only that, but the first line of the itchio description says "You are Dave". 

You were never the MC, and the input name thing was a relic from early development where that was the expectation. The more Dave became his own character, the more people explicitly spoke up about how he should be his own person. It got to the point I had the feedback and enough of a compelling argument that I made the change.

I still think it should be an option to rename if you want. The people who want to use default can use default but the people that want to change the name are just being potentially alienated because you're removing a way some people like to play Visual novels. Like my self. I like portraying myself as the main character but what you just said was basically saying that I'm playing it wrong by doing that. Visual novels are games we should be free to play them how we want. Even if the way they want to play it doesn't match your vision. Maybe I'm just acting like a spoiled kid but I just don't like when something I like gets taken away from me.