a0.23 Release

 What's in this update?  

- Dean (Day 11) 
- Orlando (Day 11) 
- Sal (Day 11)

Finally the second half of Day 11! Now we'll get to see what the other three were up to given we saw what the first group did. Sadly, if you've played last month's build there's no new surprises as far as the end of the day, but getting there could get you some potentially new, juicy information. If you didn't play last month's build, the day can end one of three ways so have fun! You should have a solid idea of how Day 12 might open up depending on your experiences through this day, so look forward to next month's build. 

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I honestly have a love/hate relationship with Dean, because everyone keeps pushing Dave to try falling for Dean to the point that Dave feels guilty for liking anyone else. That and everyone starts treating Dave like he's in the wrong if he doesn't date Dean.

Alright ima read it No doubt its gonna be Great as usual !