a0.24 Release

What's in this update?
- Day 12 ("Good Timeline")

Onwards and upwards as far as plot progression! Downwards as far as... well... you know how Dave's mental state has been of late. We'll see how that improves. This update covers all instances of if you use the password on Day 10, but not if you opted not to use it. A continuation of the "Bad Timeline" will come about some other time.


PASSWORD (a0.24 MOBILE Build) 175 MB
Sep 15, 2020
PASSWORD (a0.24 MAC Build) 156 MB
Sep 15, 2020
PASSWORD (a0.24 LINUX Build) 159 MB
Sep 15, 2020
PASSWORD (a0.24 PC Build) 174 MB
Sep 15, 2020

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Deleted 303 days ago

Not so much a bug as it's only skipping a single alternate line. For the most part it doesn't effect anything. Very much something that can be dealt with in post although I've amended it for the next Patreon build.

In future, please do not go through the coding. At the very least while it's still in development.

I'll try my best. If I ever find any game breaking bugs I'll let you know but if it just a little extra thing like this one I reported, there is no need to report anything. Is this okay with you?

(sorry for the long wait, I forgot as always...)