a0.25 Release

What's in this update?

- Day 13 ("Good Timeline")

More progression! We're still on the downwards spiral but maybe things will improve? This update was going to also include a continuation of day 12 on the bad timeline as well but I just didn't get it done in time. It's almost there, but rather than delay the build to include it I'll lump it into next month's content as well. The next one might be asset heavy so it's a nice fallback just in case all the assets aren't up to par in time.


PASSWORD (a0.25 MOBILE Build) 176 MB
Oct 15, 2020
PASSWORD (a0.25 MAC Build) 158 MB
Oct 15, 2020
PASSWORD (a0.25 LINUX Build) 161 MB
Oct 15, 2020
PASSWORD (a0.25 PC Build) 175 MB
Oct 15, 2020

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Wait, is this for every path or just a couple for now?

Every path.

i keep on trying to find the good ending but i'm always forgetting the password i cannot even figure out which password to use from a different characters

A good piece of paper always help. =^.~=

i keep on forgetting about that and i accidentally burned a paper for no reason...god dammit i'm so stupid

when are you use a different character i always on put their name of their character but it there is another character the butler i have to find which one it's good or bad password for that character i cant even figure out which one

Roswell says the password if you play through Benson's death.

(2 edits)

If I remember peacekeeper is the password that give another bad end. More than the end where you choose no password. So have the password in that end that save the butler.

After that part have a some of routes you can go in bad ends. But I think none of these routes are finished. But them are long routes.

Well... I'm not gonna lie, this update is really something... I really like the way you wrote this... the scene in the woods looked so real that  made anxious me too xD

Great job, you are very talented :D

Couldn't agree more. Although, I wished he had included the Day 12 ( Bad Timeline ), but it's cool