a0.26 Release

New Build! a0.26

What's in this update?

- Day 14 (Path A, Path B)
- Day 12 (Path C, Path D)

If what's listed above confuses you, please see this post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/42690779

As much as last month was finished on a fairly tense note, hopefully this one will get some much needed resolution? At the very least we can hope so. All I know is that people that tested this one got real into it and thoroughly enjoyed it. At least for the Day 14 content. I heard less about Day 12 but I know less people are playing through that one knowing full well what it is. That said, the situation over there continues to develop and in ways that are not necessarily good.

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Wow... this update was a punch in the gut, I felt really bad for Dave, but, at the same time, I was happy that he could share part of his burden with his friends, it was a really touching moment...

I wanted to add that, while I'm really appreciating the complexity of the story as it slowly unfolds and gets more intricate (and that also the 'bad' timelines have a lot to reveal), I must say that I'm starting to lose myself into keeping track of the saves that belongs to a particular character and a particular path, and I'm wondering if it will get even more complex if other sub paths will show up in the future o__o

At the moment, I've just tried all the paths in Tyson's route, and a solution I found was to keep a save at day 8 and one at day 10, but... there is plenty of skipping to do, nevertheless.


You'll be pleased to know that in a0.28 it's looking like I'll have the new save system implemented along with a more clear way to advance through seen stuff.

If you weren't already aware of the functionality, right click the skip button, as Renpy has a default skip option to jump to the next dialogue option.

I'm pretty sure I've never tried that o_o

thanks for the tip, I'll see how it works :)

I'm glad to know that you are also working on the save system, that will make things easier. Thanks again :D

Feeling worried with tyson outside after it ending ';-;

I feel this kind confuse. But I have a lot of saves and trying to play along the good and bad ends for Sal and Orlando. I even checked with the revelation.

Really I prefer get the bad ones 1st.

But with so many options. I think I going to play it forever.

Just saving my saves of 0.24 to get the 0.26 version.

I kinda hope we get more relationship stuff, it felt like a shaaarp drop in Hoss and Sal's routes, like I suddenly veered into a neutral route.

You will, but they're also the furthest removed from Dave as far as romantic attachment, so their barriers are a bit stronger. Especially with all the other Dave-centric stuff going on.

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@ Grizz

You say that paths C and D only go to day 12, but I feel like there are 4 different day 12 paths (not including the paths that go to day 14).  Mainly because of OZ and Sal.  Are either of those "choices" not considered to be a different path?

Spoiler alert ahead

NO! not Tyson! I want to save him on day 12 and there no password to?!

Please refer to the attached Patreon post that explains the Paths. Until you hear me announce any additional paths, assume those are the only ones.


So does Sal's route have a C &D path, or are the events of that route locking you to A & B path since the day 11 couldn't happen?

Correct. No CD for Sal, but that's not the only branch that'll happen in the narrative.

I'm curious for what Orlando saw when he used the code sacrifice (if u know what I mean


I don't like to think about that possible scene.

*closes his eyes

Didn't he describe what he saw, the thing with the meat hook? Or were you referring to visuals?

No like the visual itself and uh....

The death scene '>_> weird thing to think about


Fantastic update for both routes, as usual. Lots of feels going on love the character development and progress.

C+D route was super tense and I just want more despite the catalyst for it making me sad!

im on the same boat, C and D are great even if extremely sad


Great update...cry a lot. I feel so bad for Dave, he had a rough time processing his life. His life somewhat remind me of my life(Like Tyson life + Dave life = my life). Life treat us "fair" I think when you take a look at that. But even it get rough, we still have someone to hold on that what I learn from life and experience(Don't try hold on by yourself, no matter how strong u are u gonna break down 1 day ;w;)

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i'm kinda torn because i like how Ty and Hoss develop together if you're not doing Ty's route, but at same time i love Ty's routes.


Look how much I can cry!

I skipped the last update in favor of getting a longer experience by the next one, and to say that I'm hyped is an understatement


Be ready for a sad thing

I'm always ready for a sad thing  👍

i mean thats why we play these games

Cry time ;-;