a0.28 Release

What's in this update?

- Day 13 (Path C, Path D)

If you have not made yourself familiar with the last post, this is the build where these changes come into effect: Upcoming changes for a0.28 | Grizz on Patreon

Additionally, because I felt it strange to have an update without any new or revised story content, I've included an extension to Path C and D, although the overall length of the story update is fairly short. Still, it pushes things along, so it's something.

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i am curious what path c and d are i assume path A is the "best" one if you avoid the day ten tragedy Path B being if you fail to stop it. I can guess path C is dependant on how you handle sal but i have no idea what path D would be


Path A is supporting Benson on day 8 and using the password on day 10. B is not supporting Benson but using the day 10 password.

C is supporting Benson but not using the day 10 password. And path D is not supporting Benson and not using the password on day 10.

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Are you planning to make a sequel to password because the story is really good also in future updates are you going to finish drawing some scenes.


Yes, there'll be a sequel. Details of which are going to be announced later this year.

Also yes. Everything at the moment is just placeholder given that's what Patrons wanted. Also means they can all be of the same quality once the game is done rather than some art being a couple years old from when it was first put in the game.

Im like currently baving this problem with the new save system, everything is way too big.

The person that makes the mobile build is currently in the process of testing something out as far as a fix. I have a version that's a little better so I can throw that up, but it's still not perfect.

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Well to anyone else using mobile i found a way to be able to scroll the saves just tap right in the middle of the save boxes thats the safe spot for anyone else having trouble scrolling the save and i think its better to wait till its fully fix but for now hehe i found a way to scroll my files and about the 4 paths thing thanks thought the game only had 2 the good and bad path but now i have a reason to replay the game to see those other paths keep up the good work Grizz

omg thx LOL

Just find it out today when I updated it in my bigger tablet. But my screen is different.

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When I save a file, the path always shows ???  I have played all paths to the current save point (Day 15 for A and B, Day 13 for C and D)

The screenshot you have on the patreon page shows an actual letter.

Here is an example screenshot of what I see:

I would assume this is not what was intended.

To add:  I started a new game and also got the same result.

Don't worry, I'm aware of what's causing it and it'll be patched out next month to some extent. Essentially the flags haven't been set to display yet, but they will be.

For now, go by the Red Xs. That's the main difference between paths now anyway.