a0.29 Release

What's in this update?

- Day 16: Tyson (Path A, Path B)

Okay! First update of 2021 and honestly I'm... a little disappointed. For those that were aware of what happened over Christmas, you know why. For those that don't... well, essentially I had to hand-write the update in a notebook given I functionally had dial-up internet and spend what time I had between when I got back and now to transcribe it into something playable. It plays, it reads alright, and there will possibly be errors I need to fix but nothing game breaking. Hopefully.

There's also something else I'm trying. Hopefully, I've gotten rid of all the red words in the game. I say hopefully but I worry I've missed one somewhere that the search function didn't find. But the thing I'm trying is that when you hit a bad end, rather than boot you back to the main menu it'll prompt you instead so you don't necessarily have to save at the vault every time. We'll see how it goes and if people like it or not.


PASSWORD (a0.29 MOBILE Build) 191 MB
Feb 14, 2021
PASSWORD (a0.29 MAC Build) 172 MB
Feb 14, 2021
PASSWORD (a0.29 LINUX Build) 175 MB
Feb 14, 2021
PASSWORD (a0.29 PC Build) 190 MB
Feb 14, 2021

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Rio de Janeiro, February 22nd 2021


I can say that the good of this visual novel is that those passwords make the novel look some like a puzzle game.

Where you need find it out to progress the game.

That add a difference that make it good here.

In my opinion.



P.S.: Of course each novels have it's good and bad points. But it not matter without a good story that is what counts more.


Looking forward to the next Hoss update!


Upaaaate~ *Grabby paws at*