a0.32.1 Release!

What's in this update?

- Day 14 (Path C, Path D)

We've reached the end of an era with this one. For those that typically avoid the bad timelines, this might be worth checking out. There are a few gems in there that might make it worth the sad times.

Fair warning, there may be some bugs or continuity errors. If you encounter any, by all means let me know as soon as you find them so I can patch them out. I think I caught the last one right before I'm about to head to bed, but it could be tiredness that's making me blind to like five others.

Please know that next month's update will just be housekeeping with no new story elements.


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Is there somewhere you would prefer us to report bugs? I'm assuming the following lines of dialogue I got indicate that I've found one and aren't just some weird meta joke:


Debug Day14MemphisArrival: Please report how you got here to Grizz. The game will now return to the title screen."

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Oh yeah, that's a bug. Can I get a rundown as to how you got there?
EDIT: Also what version? If it's the mobile version it might not be fixable until the next build rolls down.

It was the latest mobile version (I play on a tablet), and I was continuing with saves from previous versions. This message only appeared on paths where the massacre had happened and Oswin was dead but Sal was still alive. Whether you choose Sal or Bensen at the mill doesn't seem to affect it, it will still come up with this message, and the route doesn't seem to matter either (except for Sal, for hopefully obvious reasons).

Yeah, okay. The mobile build is actually one iteration behind the others so that might be the problem. I'll see if I can organize a patch but given it's a month old I'm surprised this hasn't come up sooner.

Just checking, but what's your "Path" listed as on that save file? I was reminded that if it's still marked as "???" then the save is too old to be compatible. But if it's happening on new saves, then something's broken somewhere along the way.

So the paths were listed as "???", which I had just assumed was because another path split was coming up and the saves didn't know what to list. I didn't mention it to begin with since 2/3 of the massacre saves I loaded with "???" worked (Both Oswin/Sal live and Both Oswin/Sal die), so I wasn't sure whether it had anything to do witht the error. I'll try starting that path again and see if that fixes it.

That triggers on old save file?

i wish  is there's a way to find the password to every time i  go to a different characters in  the  visual novel game


I.... I will say, your writing never disappointed me, I got extremely emotional playing this update and extremely intrigued by some of the dialogue in the end, AND THE SPRITES now I finally got an image of some characters! This chapter was amazing! Really love your work!

what will be the final release number? i'm dying (lol) to play this but i prefer to wait until completed! i already love the characters from the screenshots~

Ah, you might be waiting a while then. Typically speaking first "finished" release should be v1 and we're still in alpha builds currently.