a0.36 Release

What's in this update?

- Day 18 (Hoss) 

 - Day 18 (Roswell) 

 - Day 18 (Sal)

And that's the remaining three! Cut it a little close and had to double check a few things with people to make sure some scenes had the weight they needed to, but this closes out day 18. 

If you've played more than one route you'll know which scenes are shared across routes and why. Also four more CGs to collect!


Oct 15, 2021
PASSWORD (a0.36- MAC) 172 MB
Oct 15, 2021
PASSWORD (a0.36- LINUX) 178 MB
Oct 15, 2021
PASSWORD (a0.36- PC) 207 MB
Oct 15, 2021

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any help finding the first day password im new and totally lost ;-----;

The first password depends on who's route you're on


I’m pretty sure that there’s no password intended to be found on the first day, if that’s what you’re asking; I think the prompt is there for testing or something.

I only know dean's and it was really hard to notice but if you want to know ill tell you 😁