a0.39 Release!

What's in this update?

- Day 20 (With AND without password)

Welcome to the final act! With the romance plotlines resolved by this point, route-specific things are going to really only be sprinkled in for flavour as opposed to being a main focus. This could be going to bed with route partner if Dave took them as a boyfriend, or some other things if you didn't. The focus however is very much bringing this mystery to a close and answering some questions. The 'bad' branch is shorter this time around, but has its variants, I've had people report that this build took them anywhere from an hour to three to see everything however. Based on the results of the poll, expect us to flick back and forth between good and bad timelines, but you'll know as always what's in the build hopefully before it goes live. Also, new title screens. They're a little scuffed cause they were made for 1080p but they'll do for now. You'll also know which route you played last now as it'll use that route character on the title! It goes by saves though, so don't expect it to auto-update just by loading a save and flicking back to the title. Shoutout to Kitashi and Watson for troubleshooting the code and getting it to work, too!


PASSWORD-a0.39.2-mac.zip 181 MB
Mar 15, 2022
PASSWORD-a0.39.2-linux.tar.bz2 187 MB
Mar 15, 2022
PASSWORD-a0.39.2-pc.zip 215 MB
Mar 15, 2022
password.demo.patron-390-universal-release.apk 193 MB
Mar 15, 2022

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Does this game have memories and traumas?

why do tyson and dean fight over a gun?
nobody cares about rossewell
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Great Tyson Route update.

I always felt like his rescue scene was really messed up. I thought maybe it was just going to be brushed aside, so it was really cathartic to finally see him called out. Here's to a remorseful and reformed Tyson.

will there be stuff after the end of each route or will it just be over?

If you mean like the character specific routes, then I touched on that up above.


yesssss the finale, sad but happy at the same time.


I like how the story keep going deeper even it almost at the end of the story, I amazed of how things got to this point. When I started playing I thought we just have a fun interaction with each character, learn a few things about their life. But now we have to decide which path we gonna walk onwards, it feels like choosing your adventure but everyone life depends on your actions in the game. Now the real question's how deep the story can get and which "END/Decision" will be choose in the near future. This is the best story line visual novel that I have ever played so far, so meaningful about life.