Patching the Orlando Bug

Regarding an issue found by MarloweC and a few others on the community Discord, I found the error allowing people to continue down Orlando's path when unintended in this current build.

To clarify, before this build (and I've removed the old ones to make things simpler) you could select Orlando's route and get through to Day 7 without actually seeing any of his content (as it doesn't exist). I've made this a minor change as the current Patron-only build has his content and will be live on the 15th of next month here for public access. 

As far as spoilers are concerned, those that have encountered this error need not worry about being spoiled. Thankfully, in my planning assuming there'd be code-divers and alike, there are a bunch of (presumably) inaccessible tidbits of information and red-herrings as placeholders for where I need to patch in the appropriate stuff. If you haven't encountered this error, then ignore me! Continue to enjoy the game!


PASSWORD (a0.10 PC Build) 102 MB
Jul 20, 2019
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Jul 20, 2019

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