a0.12 Release

This one is a bigger update, and by bigger... Well, this one covered the entirety of Day 7. For everyone. 

Those following on Patreon/Discord have been seeing character routes get done one at a time, sometimes two depending, so this is a huge update by comparison. There are different paths to take, tweaked dialogue depending on the route you're on and your choices still, it should take a while to get through.

Also, fair warning to those that get stuck progressing:
- The game is only over when you hit the "End of Demo" screen. If you keep getting bad ends, you should know by now what you need to do.
- There is more than one way to the "End of Demo" screen, but you'll end in the same place.
- Pay attention to the dialogue. You're not going to have anything handed to you this time.

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I try to found the password to continued the story but I can't found it

is there something I missed ????

You won't have it in red anymore, but it should stand out if you pay attention to the dialogue. Just think about where you found the others and it'll make sense.

Thank you for your reply and found the password
when I got the password I scream so hard I wake up my little brother

Are there any 18+ scene yet?

Nothing explicitly sexual yet, no.